Synergistic Research Tungsten IC... any experience

Any experience with these SR Tungsten IC?  

I stumbled onto one and would like to get some opinions on it. 

joey -- congratulations on getting this nice interconnect. There's a lot you can do to tweak the performance of this model actually. Firstly if you have an older model you have the original tuning bullets (which are smooth all round and do not have three ridges) you can replace them with the UEF tuning circuits -- these are expensive but keep an eye out for them

Secondly and cheaper you can upgrade the power cell, SR make a Galileo MPC but again it is expensive (but also seen used) -- a cheaper and actually better sounding alternative are the Michael Spallone mods to your existing MPCs

Both of these tweaks will make the interconnects more open and detailed

You can go further with even more expensive power solutions, up to and including this -- but probably wait until you have a lot more SR kit to justify that 🙂 
Thanks!  How much is this IC worth?
List for a 1m RCA is $2000 (prices per the cable company). If you have the UEF bullets (silver and grey with grooves) figure 35-40% of retail so $700-800. If with the older bullets (silver, grey and black and no grooves) then 25-30% or $500-600. Most recent listing of an older one at $850 seems to have been unsold. Obviously i assume you have the box and MPC and that the cable is in perfect condition. Above prices are realistic and reflect what i sell and buy for among similar cables. Most dealers will give you substantial breaks off list price for new cables so always bear this in mind