Synergistic Research Tesla Users......

Hello All. What are your impressions of the new Synergistic Research Tesla D1, D2, and D3 digital interconnects? There isn't much listed on Synergistic's website yet and any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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I have all Tesla's in my system but no digital interconnects. I am completely satisfied do yourself a big favor and call Ted tomorrow he is a good guy that knows his stuff. report back
I'm currently using the Tesla D3 digital cable it's by far the best digital cable I have ever used. It's very transparent, dynamic, warm and the sound staging is awesome. I could go on... :O)
How does the new D3 compare with Synergistic's Absolute Reference digital cable?

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I have no idea from my understanding the D3 is their top of the line digital cable.
I should have been clearer on my last post. So sorry. The Absolute Reference (which I use now) was Synergistic's top-of-the-line digital cable prior to the new D3. I wonder in which areas the D3 improves upon it.

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That would be a question for Ted and/or Elliot give them a call.
WOW! Here we are in 2010 and there is still no info on their website. Sunday afternoon and I was curious if D series cables are Active or not...
I believe D2 and D3 are active shielded.
I have the D2 and I was blown away by the improvement
in front to back layering. I was told by my dealer and
others that the difference between the D2 and D3 does
not justify the price. Apparently the D3 has a little
more air and warmth. So, I added the Galileo MPC and
now I much more air and texture. It would be my guess
that the D2 plus the G-mpc is on par with the D3 at a
better price.
Your dealer is incorrect, at least in my experience and your guesses are way off. In my system, the D-3 bested Mexcel Acrolink cables costing more than twice its price, as well as every other cable I tried. It is the best digital cable I could find from my transport to DAC at ANY price. Yes, it is THAT good! You get what you pay for with the D-2, which is a good cable. With the D-3, you get world-class performance.

Is it worth the money? In my system, absolutely. Do yourself a favor and demo a D-3 for about a week. Maybe from a different SR dealer ;-)