Synergistic Research Tesla series IC users, please help with direction > of cable

I just wanted to be sure all the SR cables I’m using are in the proper direction. Currently I have all the IC’s with the "arrows" pointing towards the sources, dac/transport, phono stage? Basically all the little blue lights are on the rca’s at the back of the preamp? The arrows are also pointing towards the main amp and sub woofer amps, again with blue lights at the back of the preamp? If anyone can please verify this is correct or wrong I would greatly appreciate your help. Thanks 
The arrows should point "downstream" i.e. from source to pre, or from pre to power. The active conditioning bullets (and LEDs therefore) should therefore be at the sending end, i.e. at the source for the cable running to the pre, or at the pre for the cable running to the power amp

So as far as I can tell from your message you have half your cables (the ones to the power amps and subs) correct but the others (to the DAC and phono stage) should be reversed

This rule (arrow flows from source to destination) is always true for every cable manufacturer that indicates directionality
Arrows on an IC typically indicate that the shield is connected at only one end of the cable. Ideally, you want only one path to ground, and the preamp is the logical choice for that. That means the arrows should go in the direction of the signal itself - which means pointing away from the source.
Ditto for unshielded ICs. Arrows point toward away from the source. 🔚 If ICs are not marked with arrows try both ways. 🔛
Thanks, I really appreciate all the quick responses. I switched them around so arrows are pointing towards preamp coming from the source components & phono stage and left the connections to the amp the same. I also called SR and am waiting for a call back from someone there who is familiar with the older Tesla series cables.
Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!
@justinm, the obvious question is, did the reversal result in a difference you could hear? Sorry for putting you on the spot!
Hi bdp24,
I’m not completely certain I heard a difference with the cable direction change? I did here a big difference when I forgot to turn the 2 master controllers back on after switching the cables around. Turning the active shielding back on seemed to open/expand the soundstage up and sounded much better to my ears?