Synergistic Research Tesla Plex SE V Furutech GTX

Anyone A/B'd recepticals between the Synergistic Research Tesla Plex SE and the new Furutech GTX-D(R)?.

Thoughts on individual also appriciated.

Thanks in advance.
No one???. Anyway,I pull the plunge and bought 2 Furutech GTX-D(R) for my clean lines and even from new with only 3 hours of play, the GTX's have more detail without sounding harsh. The bass notes took a further dive with more control. The mid gave more layering and I'm hearing things not heard before. Things should get even better after break in.

FYI, I have Oyaide R-1, Synergistic Research Tesla plex-SE and now the Furutech GTX-D(R). I will say however that the SR Tesla Plex-se betters the Oyaide-R-1 in my system.
The Tesla Plex in series with the Tesla Plex SE betters anything I have used before
Sabai..... I was also using the Tesla Plex SE for my dedicated spurs going into the Powercell 10-SE Mk-2 so I know what I'm hearing. Have you tried the Furutech GTX-D (R) to have made that staement?

sabi, I recall you only installed your dedicated lines not so long ago then came the Powecell 10SE. What were you using before that and what other recepticles have your tried in the past and current besides the Tesla Plex SE?.

Flashunlock, I have not used any other wall receptacles except the stock wall receptacle I was using before. I now use a Tesla Plex SE, then a Tesla Plex in series, then an SR PowerCell 10SE in series. There are 2 PCs in series, as well, in this configuration.
Sabai Thanks. I've also tried your config in the past and the sound is some what worse than with just one recepticale from the clean line then direct to the powercell. Ive used 2 x Plex-se. Ultimately you are adding more contacts into the chain and that degrades the signal/ current IMO.
I am bout to purchase a Furutech, based on an article on HPsoundings in which Joey Weiss attributes the improvement in the Silver Circle to the Furutech GTX-D outlets.

And not to take the thread in another direction, but I have just realized by plugging a fan into the Tesla Plex SE outlet that I had my CD player on, that the CD player is probably not breaking in the outlet into which I have it plugged. I put the CD player on the upper duplex outlets of the PS Audio Power Plant and plugged the fan into the outlet the CD player was previously plugged into, left it for an hour, and am listening to it now. The difference in just one hour with the fan plugged in is rather startling. Listening to a Duke Ellington CD, The Far East Suite, I had thought the CD pretty poor: the dynamics sounded very un-Dukelike: dry, with not much "jump" in the brass or saxophone. Until I plugged the fan into the outlet, that is. I was surprised, thinking that using one of the duplex outlets would break in both of them. WRONG!! It is so much fuller now that the it's easier to distinguish the individual brass in a section.
Is this something others have noticed?
In any case, time to pull out the fans and stick them on both outlets, so they both break in (as one outlet is the preamp, and the other is the CD player). Should be interesting to hear them in the morning after giving them 8 hours of break-in. And I'll have to do the same with the Furutechs.
I can see the above post is as clear as mud.
What I meant was that I had replaced the PS Audio Power Plant's lower duplex outlets with the SR Tesla plex SE and had the CD player plugged into it for the last 4 days, which is how long I've had the Tesla Plex ac receptacle. The sound was "stiff"-sounding, so I plugged the fan into the Tesla Plex outlet that I'd had the CD player on, for an hour or so and then came back, unplugged the fan and then put the CD player back into the Tesla Plex - with much better results So I guess, even with the duplex, you have to break in each ac receptacle separately, which I'd not realized until an hour ago.
I put a 100-watt light onto one receptacle, a fan on the other, and another fan on the other SR Tesla Plex (I got two, so now I have 3 Tesla Plex ac receptacles, two of them plugged into dedicated lines in my music room (I have 5 dedicated lines in that room) and the third one in the PS Audio Power Plant.
I can hardly wait to get the Furutech receptacle. Chris, as Vh Audio, says I'll be thrilled, since I had just bought the carbon fiber outlet cover, which he'd said would make a "mild" difference. NOT EVEN! It was instantly noticeable. I ordered another one for the other Synergistic outlet. This should be fun: we can now change our AC receptacles and get excellent upgrades to the sonics of our system for $200 (which is pricey, I'll give you that, but less expensive by far than upgrading to a new preamp). Besides, since the wall is the beginning of everything, from my perspective, naysayers notwithstanding, it makes sense to get absolutely everything perfect from the wall, including the ac receptacle AND the outlet cover (the difference may not have been worth $104, but it was easily worth at least $85, which is the price for the HIFi Tuning Supreme or the large SR fuses, and they're certainly worth it). In fact, I'm going to put an SR fuse in the preamp with a Quantum chip on it. That ought to be a right nice improvement, along with the Furutech, although the price adds up pretty quick: 2 SR receptacles, a Furutech receptacle, a SR fuse, and 2 Furutech ac outlet covers. Around $650-$700. I just sold one of my unused RPG diffusors, and that took care of the cost. That's how I do upgrades these days: whatever I buy, I have to sell something that gets me back 75% of my financial output for an upgrade. I'm running out of things to sell...fortunately, I have a lot of top quality photographic equipment as well...B&H Photo/ I come!
>> That's how I do upgrades these days: whatever I buy, I have to sell something that gets me back 75% of my financial output for an upgrade. I'm running out of things to sell..

I wonder how long you can do that, taking into account the law of diminishing returns.

For me, even going from 5 entry level to mid-fi systems to three good ones with focus on the 2 ch system took a lot of cash.

Usually, the colder winter months are those when I listen the most so I am getting the systems improved before that.

Back to the topic: I will compare those shortly, so far I have the Wattgate 381, TeslaPlex SE and Oyaide
I own the Wattgate, Oyaide R1, Teslaplex SE , Audience Maestro and a few others. To me the best I have tried is the Maestro. Very clear and defined quailty.
You should try to obtain one of them to compare to the Furutech GTX.
I would be very interested in the results.
I have the Maestro, Tesaplex and Teslaplex SE and had the Oyaide R1.
I found the Maestro very good, but recessed, without the low level resolution of the Furutech.
Oyaide sounds great initially, but moves the soundstage forward, foreshortens depth and lacks genuine musicality. The SRs were fuller-sounding, have great low-level detail and components sound the most dynamic from low bass to midrange.
The GTX is the most even sounding, dynamically, the most musical, with the least perspective on the orchestra (some recordings sound close up (e.g., Mercury Living Presence) and some distant (RCA Living Stereos).
These are all in my various dedicated circuits right now. I have around 8 dedicated circuits in the listening room.
Not to Forget to add also an other réceptacle from Hubbell
HBL5362w it only cost i would dare say 1/2 the price of the wattgate And the maestro And even better in all aspect "sound quality"very naturel...😉
I agree with Gbmcleod, I changed all of my wall outlets to the Furutech GTX silver.
I agree with Gbmcleod and Ozzy. I changed all of my wall outlets form Syngergistic SE's to Furutech GTX rhodium for the tubed front end and the GTX gold for my class D amps SMOOTH!
My equipment is on a single circuit that has 6 outlets. I have found that a combination of the Synergistic Research SE outlets x 4 with 2 Furutech GTX-R outlets gives my system a better sound then only using one type if outlet. This is time consuming but worth the effort. Similar to tube rolling.
Years later, I’m weighing back in on the Furutechs, due to a recent purchase.
I’ve had the Furutechs for years now, and they are every bit as good as I thought. That said, the NCF units Furutech released show that the rhodium version has a little less weight in the "power range" of music (100-400hZ). This won’t matter if you listen to rock, since so much pop music is compressed anyway, when the mix is done on it. It will show up a bit on orchestral music, though, or perhaps jazz. The NCF is an advancement, not putting the rhodium Furutech out of business, but I might opt for the Gold, which is smoother at the top (not as extended as the Rhodium and perhaps a bit "brighter), but also FULLER in the power range, which will give music more of a "surging" sound, the way waves on a seashore come crashing in and then recede. Just as a note, the late HP of TAS, lauded his Silver Circle conditioner after the Furutech Golds were installed, so that might be the way to go, too. But the NCFs are superior to both of the earlier versions, as so often (but not always) happens in newer versions of equipment.
 gbmcleod ...

Ted Denny of SR recommends that we don't use the  Quantum chips on the SR Black fuses. Reds okay, but not the Blacks. 
After years of using Furutech GTX-R (IME much better than the TeslaPlex SE), I upgraded to the NCF variant and it is a great upgrade. IMO great value/money compared to other tweaks.
My GTX NCF has been cooking for 144 Hours and finally installed replacing the GTX.

The same familar sounds emerged when i hit play. 

First impressions are that it is slightly cleaner and with a touch more clarity.

Gbmcleod's impression that there is a slightly less weight in the 100-400hz region allowing for a more revealing upper bands to emerge.

Maybe needs more burn in time compared to my well run in GTX. I certainly cannot say there is more smoothness or organic sound, even if so, a slight difference. 

The GTX has a slight veiling or cloudy sound (i.e slightly more distortion and clarity).

I attribute the main improvement, not knock your socks off improvements) to an overall clearer lower mid regions allowing the rest of the spectrum to emerge.

The Black outlet which replaced a Teslaplex gives in comparision a bigger difference when swapped out. But bear in mind, it is also a different branded outlet, so the sound is subjectively not cut from the same roll of cloth. So its more comparing Apples to Oranges (though, that flavour of 2M volts) still shows.

The Black outlets has even less presence in the 100-400hz region and has zero of the GTX's richer, livelier, upfront and sparkly type of Copper/rhodium signature, which i find may excel in some systems or shine playing more towards a "audiophile recorded material".

Off this topic, having introduced a synergistic HD Ground cable . I hear the familar direction of  "UEF / Quantum tunnelled" signature sound come through. I have never used any other Synergistic cables, but used a number of their tweaks.

Have been experimenting with VooDoo Cable  outlets for a couple of months now.. Their IG8300 version is quite decent, lays great foundation and provides authority in the bass region , probably, best used with power distributors and regenerators. However, their PowerPhase ( G ) is something I totally  fell in love with. Musicality, clarity and resolution are stunning.  Had to dig out Oyaide R1s from my power distributor  and walls replacing them with PowerPhase Gs. 
 The strange thing is that the more expensive Rhodium version impressed me way less. It was worse than the gold one in all regards.  I mean, it wasn't bad , just not as good as it's gold brother.