Synergistic Research Sig. 2 vs. Harmonic Tech

I currently own the following:

McCormack DNA 125
VTL 2.5 pre
Arcam Diva 92
Dynaudio 72's
HT Melody speaker wire
HT Pro-silway IC's

I have a chance to get a good deal on a pair of the Synergistic Research Signature 2 speaker wire. Would this be a good match and would I notice a great deal of improvement? Thanks.
I own a pair of syn research #2s for th money there a great cable, very open sound stage and very transparent however I will warn you they are a bit bass shy at least on my b&w n 802s.
I also own the Signature 2s and find them to be transparent and smooth particularly with high frequencies. I agree with Impala that they are slightly bass shy, though I would point out this is a very slight issue.