Synergistic Research's Tricon Phono Cable

I'm trying different cables between my TT and Phono preamp. I've tried Nordost Valhalla and now use Purist Audio Venustas, both sound nice, but since most of the cabling I use is Synergistic Research I was wondering if anybody has experience with the SR Tricon phono cable. I don't see much info about them.


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In the process of moving my audio system from the long wall to the short wall of my listening room to take advantage of improved room/speaker coupling, I had to relocate my turnrable to a spot where it took a 3 meter i/c to reach. Having mostly SR cables in my system, I bought from The Cable Co. the Tesla Vortex Analog cable, and it is excellent. I wonder how it might compare with the Tricon. Anyone listened to both?

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