Synergistic Research RED fuse - Problem with Bryston digital player

I just bought a Synergistic Research RED slow blow fuse for my Bryston BDP-1 and found out on the Web that Synergistic Research fuses have popped on the Bryston BDP-2.

The BDP-1 has 2 (5x20mm) fuses, one for the standby power supply and one for the main power supply.
I just want to change the fuse for the main power supply only.
Fortunately I have not installed the SR RED fuse on my BDP-1 yet.

My question: Does someone have SR RED fuse popped on the BDP-1 ?
No feedback at my post regarding the SR fuses potentially popped when they are installed in Bryston BDP-1 digital player, while more than 2700 responses at amp/preamp topic regarding the SR fuses at which the majority of people praised those fuses as one of the best.
I think your first link addresses your concerns. The BDP-2 popped the fuses until a higher rating was used. Do you think the BDP-1 would fare differently?

All the best,