Synergistic research Quattro problem.........Help

I recently ordered 3 triple leads so I can run a total of (4 x 3triples)12 to my active shielding for my Tesla system. I turned everthing off, connected them., turned everything back on and noticed the 3 l.e.d.s on the cords weren't lit. I switched them to see what was wrong and led me to the BNC connector on the Quattro is dead. It has no signal at all. A week later the same thing happened with another triple BNC, the connecter blew. The Quattro has a T2 connected and everything runs to a 9 QLS strip. Anyone experience this? Has onyone had problems with running all 12 leads from a Quattro. Maybe the QLS can't support the Quattro power supply and power cords????? It ran well when I had 3 - double leads and 1 - triple. Just when I changed it they blew......Please help .......

I run all 12 with no problems. Looks like you will have to send the Quattro back to Synergistic for repair. That should not happen at all. The only other suggestion I have is to unplug all the active leads and reconnect them and call Elliot at Synergistic.
Isn't this a question for the company's technical support?