Synergistic Research QLS-Which power cord to use??

I have a S.R QLS-9 and have a Tesla Precision AC connecting it to a Teslaplex. Is this too much or should I use something more/less for it's purpose. The S.R web site does not recommend anything or even have any information on it...Any help please.....

Have you asked SR? Their suggestions are usually really good. Happy listening and please share your impressions with the QLS when you get it :)
I'm not sure if I understand your question. Are you asking if a Precision AC is adequate or too much to use on a QLS-9? Synergistic suggests to try their T3 UHC (or even a T3 if its not a huge power demand like MPC's) and Precision AC to be used on their power conditioners and choose the one you prefer. I prefer the Precision AC. In my system, its more extended and has better clarity, soundstage and presence. It projects its qualities to all components. Also, Synergistic does make suggestions in its AC conditioning section on their website (The comments can be applied to the QLS conditioners as well). I found that the T3 UHC has a warmer presentation and is more tube like. The bass is heavier. I use a different Synergistic cable on most my components. The PC chosen compliments that piece of equipment.

If you E-mail or call Synergistic they are more than willing to explain in great detail about all their power cords and their applications. They do not always suggest the most expensive but give you the option to decide and will suggest you to try a few first in your system. Find a dealer that can lend you them before you buy.
In regards to Joeyboynj, I used to have a T3 on my QLS9 and a Precision AC on my Parasound 2205A power amp(220x5)RMS . It sounded good until I swapped them and noticed the soundstage width & depth open up dramatically. The sound was more dynamic & detailed, more full sounding. I'm not sure which was the positive result but I'm willing to bet it was probably the better Precision AC from the QLS to wall. Are you suggesting maybe a T3UHC or Precision AC on my Power amp??? Your thoughts....

I think you have it right with the Precision AC from the QLS to the wall and the T3 on your amp. The T3 UHC was designed to power an entire system. The T3 was designed to power an amplifier or any other large single source. You may want to try a Hologram A on your amp if you really are looking for an upgrade. What power cords do you have on your pre and CDP?
I have a T2 on my PreProcessor and T2 on my CDP....

Go with what sounds best. I would think the Precision AC on the QLS to wall is the way to go. If you ever wanted to upgrade. I would go with the Hologram D on your CDP.
I have found the Precision a strange pc. I tried the Precision AC on my H-Cat amp versus the Hologram A. There was no question that the Hologram A was best. Later I compared the Precision versus a T2 on my H-Cat line stage. The Precision was far superior although the T2 is a great buy. I guess I am going to have to get another Hologram A for the line stage.

I have a QLS-6 plugged into my PowerCell, but it mainly is used for the wall warts for the SR shielded pcs. However, my tt is plugged into it and has been greatly improved, but remember the OLS is plugged into the PowerCell.
Tbg, With your set up, what power cord are you using from the Powercell to QLS-6 ?
Also what power cord are you using from the wall to the Powercell ?
Ozzy, the QLS uses the power cord that it comes with, which was presumably Quantum Tunneled. The PowerCell 10 SE comes with the Precision pc.
Tbg, Thanks , I did not know the QLS came with its own power cord.
Regards to Ozzy, If you are thinking of purchasing a QLS I can e-mail a pic of the cord that was sent with it. I use a Precision AC for mine & it works amazing.....

Ozzy, the power cord that comes with the QLS is only about a foot long. The IEC is at the end of an attached pc which is about one foot long also. Both are QTed. If you were just going to plug into the wall rather than into the PowerCell, I would definitely go to a better cord, but ultimately the cord attached to the OLS is a limitation.
I agree with Tbg......