Synergistic Research QLS-6?

Supposed to be a power strip (no filtering) like the Oyaide MTB-6. 3 Teslaplex receptacles and quantum tunneling.

I can't find any mention of it on their website though? Although there's a lot of things that aren't on their website (like the quattro)

Is this something new and available? or something old they don't make anymore?

Anyone own one or compared it to the Oyaide or BPT PPC
I have a QLS-9 that is used to power MPC's for Synergistic Research cables. The QLS-6 and 9 came out last summer and are still available. I bought the QLS-9 instead of the Quattro. The outlets are not the Teslaplex receptacles. Have never compared it with Oyaide or BPT. Give Synergistic Research a call-they are great to deal with and will fully explain their products.

what outlets are used?
The QLS 6 and 9 do have Teslaplex outlets (of a different configuration then the Teslaplexs in the PowerCell or available in as a stand alone duplex) and both are Quantum Tunneled. The QLS 6 is also a line conditioner and is very liquid and transparent when used for source and pre-amp components or as an easy way to plug in MPC's with a boost to the performance of Active Shielding.

I hope this helps.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Lead Designer, Synergistic Research Inc.
"what outlets are used?"

The Teslaplex photos I have seen the outlets are a red/orange color and dual outlet. The outlets on my QLS-9 are white and single outlet. I do not know the brand.
I stand corrected-Thanks Ted!
Ahh... Thanks Ted!

What kind of ling conditioning is performed? I can't find any information online.
Any photos around of the QLS-6?
What input IEC dies it have - a 15A or 20A?
Are the outlets switched?
Any more info would be great.