Synergistic Research Powercell SX Power Conditioner


There is not that much chatter about the SR powercell SX power conditioner so wanted to get people to share their thoughts especially with the SX powercable.  SR has already moved onto the SRX power cables so does that mean the SRX powercell will be released by spring 2021?  In any event I think their powercell 12 UEF SE is excellent and am already running it with a SX power cable.  I am especially interested in those who have upgraded from the 12 UEF SE to the SX.  I am already running dedicated lines so am wondering how much more better can it get?

If you hate SR products or find all power conditioners to be snake oil but have not heard any of the more recent ones from SR please share your thoughts in some other forum discussion.  

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Just bought the PC SX and selling my 12SE.

SR Powercells are at the top of their designs and are a must to have in ones system.