Synergistic Research Powercell SX Power Conditioner


There is not that much chatter about the SR powercell SX power conditioner so wanted to get people to share their thoughts especially with the SX powercable.  SR has already moved onto the SRX power cables so does that mean the SRX powercell will be released by spring 2021?  In any event I think their powercell 12 UEF SE is excellent and am already running it with a SX power cable.  I am especially interested in those who have upgraded from the 12 UEF SE to the SX.  I am already running dedicated lines so am wondering how much more better can it get?

If you hate SR products or find all power conditioners to be snake oil but have not heard any of the more recent ones from SR please share your thoughts in some other forum discussion.  

I haven't tried those exactly. But I do have a dedicated line, it has been through several iterations and upgrades, and there really seems to be no end to the improvements. I mean including even to the panel, inside the panel, and back before the panel to the meter. And then from the panel to the room to the conditioner to the components. As far as I can tell every single inch of it matters including the outlets and the inch that is the fuse. 

Ted is high on my list of developers, and Synergistic high on my list of value for money. So much so that I am not even sure whether its such a good idea to buy used. In other words he improves his new generation so much they tend to still be good value even in spite of the steep prices he charges.  
My approach as a long time SR user is once I have something to use it a good long time, usually until so much else has been upgraded it comes back around. But that's just me. If you are seriously in the market enough to be looking at the next gen next year I would call the Cable Co, or even Ted himself.
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I agree synergy is important and hard to predict...

I have never liked the powercell with an atmosphere power cable.  I know it provides a lower price point but always feel you need the Galileo to power least in my system. ..then again I use mostly Galileo power cables
My PowerCell SX 'review' may be helpful. Note: it is powered from the wall with the SRX (Neutrik Powercon connector) and NOT the SX equivalent.

I need to update the write-up as some changes / additions have been made since. All positive, performance wise.
I threw caution to the wind and acquired a Powercell SX with sx power cable and upgraded outlet to SR orange receptacle.

I can say that right out of gate its better than the powercell 12 uef se with the same power cable.

The difference is obvious and I am happy with upgrade.  I kept the powercell 12 for my second system.  The difference is not night and day as powercell 12 is excellent.  Nonetheless the music pours out more openly than before and I can imagine with the SRX power cable even more so.  I am happy with my existing Galileo SX power cables in my components so will leave the SRX to the more well heeled among us.

I am not using SR grounding block and that is only feature of powercell SX that I am not getting benefit of.  

Well done Ted.....
Congratulations @karmapolice  It will keep getting better as both the PowerCell unit and the outlet get more time on them. If I remember correctly, you already had the SX cable (?). 

The grounding block upgrade is worth it, but going with the PowerCell first is smart and the right move.
Just bought the PC SX and selling my 12SE.

SR Powercells are at the top of their designs and are a must to have in ones system.
Those of you using the powercell sx or even the powercell 12 uef power conditioner are you grounding the power cable for the amplifier?

SR advises people that many users prefer amps as well as speakers to not be grounded.

Just curious if there is a consensus 
I grounded the case of monoblocks, as I was advised by SR. On amplifiers, the effect is less, but positive. For amps, i chose duelund 1.0 hook-up wire.