Synergistic Research PHT - Phono Transducer

Any real science behind this product. Has anyone researched the theory or discovered any patents pertaining to it function and operation? Would you install one of these on your precious analog system?
If I had an analog system Yes I would. I currently use all Synergistic Research Cabling and the Art room system. Ted Denny and his crew consistently win best sound at every show they do. Plus all of their products come with a generous trial period. What do you have to loose?
"Ted Denny and his crew consistently win best sound at every show they do." Is this true? I guess you mean to say that systems using SR products win "best sound", since SR seem to sell only interconnects, speaker wire, AC cords, shelves, and other accessories, like the above mentioned PHT. I am skeptical about the PHT because of the claims made for how it works, but as you note, the "free home trial" protects the prospective end user nicely.
Best at Show is subjective and there is no committee that meets and makes an award. There could be many Best of Show at any one show.
So I take this as like putting the perviable penny on the headshell......snake oil, smoke, and mirrors.
Whatever it is, the PHT NOT like putting a penny (or any other coin) on a headshell. That's generally done in order to increase tonearm effective mass, which with some low compliance cartridges can actually improve tracking. The weight of the PHT is negligible, according to all reports, insufficient to alter effective mass by much. But whether the PHT is "snake oil, smoke, and mirrors" remains to be seen (or heard).