Synergistic Research PHT - Phono Transducer

Anyone tried these little things on their cartridge? If so, what was the result?
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A friend purchased the PHT; the Purple Haze and Blue Velvet and I was amazed at the sound improvement they made. Each was different sounding even though the same size and weight. I am not sure what Ted Denny is doing but these work. My friend has a very revealing VAC system with King Sound King electrostatic speakers and the improvement is amazing. I tried them on my smaller turntable and since I couldn't put the PHT on the actual cartridge head I didn't hear as much improvement.
Thank you for the response, Hifimaiac ... much appreciated.

Anyone else care to comment??
Just to say there are others who perceive no difference, with vs without their PHTs. If you are really curious, it is my understanding that Synergistic offers a free home trial. "Free" in the sense that after you pay for the PHT, you have the right to return it for full refund within a specified time interval. I should think that such a using one's own system and ears would trump a collection of opinions you might get here from total strangers.

For me, the question has been one of mechanism. How does the PHT work, assuming it does work? If it's just affecting resonance at the headshell, then there are cheaper solutions.
I tried these and was pretty amazed at the improvement. It was not subtle at all in my system. I kept them and never looked back.
Do they do what they do forever. In other words
if you put them in storage for a couple of years
does the technology or process still work. I'm
tempted to try them I mean what have I got to
lose. Do you have to readjust your settings on
your tone arm.
Qdrone, As I understand it, the "functional" unit of the PHT is a crystal that probably has been lying around in nature for eons. So, if it works, it probably works forever. Obviously, you may have to re-adjust the VTF of your tonearm to accommodate the added weight of the PHT sitting on the headshell. Supposedly, the weight is trivial.
Lewm thanks for the info.
A friend and I heard the next potential generation of these at Newport in a Beta Test presented by Ted. Yes, they make an audible difference and you will prefer one over the other in your system. However, the one thing I was unable to determine during that test was the real need for them in the first place. In other words, are they a change that is a step forward or just a sideways move altering the sound slightly? BTW, Lloyd Walker offers his own version of this product and while a bit more money are very effective. I don't use either the SR or Lloyd's.
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