Synergistic Research Orange Fuses

Does anyone have the new SR Orange fuse? I'm considering it but currently have their Blue and wondering about the advantages of moving up.
I will yield the forum to @oregonpapa, he is our resident expert on SR fuses 😉
goofyfoot ...

Thanks for asking. Yes, I've replaced all of my SR Blue fuses with the SR Orange fuses. 

In my system, the Orange is much better than the Blues, as good as they were. They are better in every way right off of the bat ... except for a slight hard edge initially. After break-in, they are simply amazing. Larger stage, lower noise, better three-D imaging. And tonally, they are better as well. 


PS:  >>> lalitk >>> *lol*
I'm going on around 10 days with the Orange in my preamp and am enjoying the imaging purity and soundstage depth as well as vocal clarity. My preamp only had the stock fuse before so I cant' compare directly with a Blue there but I do have a Blue in my dac and an AM Beeswax in the amp. I'm looking to get an Orange for the dac and see how things go with one there in balance with the one in the preamp. 
Good news, I'll spring for the Orange hopefully next payday. I'll replace the Blue which is currently in my Ayre DAC. I'm wondering though if I would hear a difference by adding an Orange to my ASR phono amp or my HH Scott 350 A tuner? Thanks so far to all that's added their input.
goofyfoot ...

  • Any thoughts of the possibility of an SR Orange AC outlet?
The grapevine says ... "maybe." 

Orange outlets just will NOT match my room decor at all, sorry but no,no,no!

Save your money goofy. If it sounds better you probably had/have "fuse rot" as @wolf_garcia calls it.

 The only way a fuse can sound better, if it replaces old crusty one that seen too many switch on surges over time, doesn’t have to be $200 fuse, should be $2 same one but new, and the same result will happen, and switch-on surge ageing will be the same for both $200 fuse or the $2 fuse

A slow-blo fuse ageing over time right to left

A fast-blo fuse ageing over time left to right

Your better off spending $2 on a "new original fuse", and save hundreds.

Cheers George
Any brand new audiophile fuse sounds obviously better than any brand new stock fuse, with the caveat that both fuses are in the right direction. I’m fair, right? I even help out the stock fuse. You can even perform a controlled blind test yourself. Of course, pseudo skeptics won’t do the comparison. They never do. They’d rather fight. It’s all they have left. 😢

"Ignorance lies not in the things you don’t know, but in the things you know that ain’t so." ___Will Rogers

georgehifi, sorry but I'm completely disinterested in blanket proclamations of disdain towards any tweak: fuse, outlets, or otherwise.If you've tried the Orange fuse then please feel free to comment on, otherwise it's off topic. Thanks
@geoffkait  Serious question. If a stock fuse is in a component (in the wrong direction) for hundreds of hours of usage, will it exhibit directionality upsides when reversed? Thanks.
geoffkait, I did notice an improvement between the Black fuse and the Blue fuse. I have a very revealing system and can hear everything from my digital sources. I'm not so sure the differences would be as noticeable in my Scott FM  tube tuner or my ASR Mini Basis Exclusive phono amp.
The only way a fuse can sound better, if it replaces old crusty one that seen too many switch on surges over time, doesn’t have to be $200 fuse, should be $2 same one but new, and the same result will happen

Purely for the sake of the argument, imagine for a moment this were true. Imagine a world in which new fuses sound wonderful while old fuses age and sound awful.

In this imaginary world, it seems to me, people would notice. I mean, they sure notice how much better the Orange fuses sound. So of course they would notice how much better every new fuse sounds. Being audiophiles they would tell their friends. Or even if they tried to keep it secret, to be able to buy for $2 a fuse that makes as awesome improvement as a Synergistic fuse, word would get out. 

But no. According to Cheers George we live in a world where not only does every $2 fuse sound just as good as the Synergistic Orange, but also somehow in this imaginary world its such a big secret only Cheers George knows about it.

Is this one seriously imaginary world, or what??

That's it. Done with purely for the sake of argument world of imagination. We now return you to the real world.
Keep in mind that when the Scott 350A was designed, ca. 1961, AC line voltages were typically several volts lower than they usually are these days.  So to whatever extent sonic differences between fuses may result from differences in resistance and hence voltage drop, lower fuse resistance may result in worse sound from that component, not better sound.

Just a thought.  Regards,
-- Al

Yes. I actually did that with stock fuses that had been in the system for several years. Some were already in the right direction already, some weren’t. HiFi Tuning originally believed that fuses broke in correctly no matter which direction they were inserted. They later realized that was not true. That’s when their fuses started having diode symbols on them. 🔚
Al, do you think it might be wise to remove the fuse in my Scott tuner?

If you mean "remove the fuse" in the sense of simply taking it out in order to put in a different one having similar ratings I don’t see any risk. Assuming, that is, that the ratings of the replacement are accurate.

But if you mean replacing the fuse with a wire or some equivalent bypass, I would say absolutely not!

The protective functions provided by a fuse would seem to be all the more important in the case of a nearly 60 year old component than in the case of one that is currently produced. Also, since a wire bypass of reasonable gauge will have lower resistance and hence lower voltage drop than any fuse (albeit the difference is likely to be small), per my previous comment the result may very well be sonics that are worse rather than better, in the case of a component from that era that is being operated at contemporary line voltages.

-- Al

BTW, while I've never owned any of the stereo tube tuners made by the original H. H. Scott company, such as your 350A, I've owned three of the mono tuners of that era (310C, 310D, 311D) which provided a "multiplex output" jack, and so could be used as stereo tuners in combination with a Scott LM35 or 335 multiplex adapter, or a Fisher MPX-100 multiplex adapter (all of which I also owned). And I believe that from an electrical standpoint the 350A was essentially a combination of the 335 and one of the mono tuners.

This was mainly during the 1990s, and I recall all of those models as producing really nice sound, especially the 310D + external multiplex adapter. Although as might be expected their weak signal reception capabilities were not of the same calibre as those of the far more expensive Marantz 10B (stereo) or REL Precedent (mono with multiplex out jack).

Best regards,
-- Al
Is this one seriously imaginary world, or what??
Yeah and you can’t see the forest for the trees.
 Notice how there’s not one Electronic Engineer game enough on these BS voodoo fuser sights and lay their reputation on the line and back you "special" guys, to say yes your right miller! this $160 is better because it does this better than the $2 industry stand fuse and here’ is the proof!!!!!!

Yet it these very Electronic Engineers that design and build all of the equipment your listen to, and you think your smarter than them, pull the other one it plays jingle bells.

SR offers a 30 day full refund return policy. I don’t see the point of this thread; you can try it for yourself risk-free.
Would be good if it were that simple.
But these clowns that for each different SR fuse they try saying thing like this is massive my system has taken a giant leap, it 100% better than before.
And this goes on for half a dozen different fuses, and say the same thing every time, they must have a sound that is just out of this world that no one can better.
These are not reasonable people, these are snake oil voodooist of the highest order. And the gullible need to see/hear from the Electronic Engineering side of which none will back these guys one iota.
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Al, a friend of mine suggested connecting a stand alone multiplex to my 350A, any ideas behind this? Sorry folks about dissenting from the topic.
I don’t see the point of this thread; you can try it for yourself risk-free.’
That’s right that’s his answer, the OP can also then ask admin to close this down before it goes toxic, which it will inevitably do just like all the others.
George, you are adding the tox. Just stay off the tweak forums. You have no experience, therefore no knowledge. Your constant resistance starts all the tox. Let it go. Have fun. Love everyone....enjoy everyone. If we like spending money on fuses, etc. that we say make better sound, how is this hurting you? Relax........breath deep the bliss of existence......Man, it feels good!
You have no experience, therefore no knowledge.
You have no knowledge therefore no experience, you self admitted you couldn’t measure the phase shift @ 20khz on your new 1200as2 Class-D amp venture, , strange because all it takes is a decent dual trace oscilloscope. Any novice tech has one of these, but it seems you don’t.

This is why the gullible need to see/hear from both sides of the fence on this BS voodoo fuse ripoff.

If we like spending money on fuses, etc. that we say make better sound, how is this hurting you?
Because it’s one of the biggest cons in audio, up there with Shun Mook Mpingo Pucks, any anything geoffkiat sells

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This is why the gullible need to see/hear from both sides of the fence on this BS voodoo fuse ripoff.

If we like spending money on fuses, etc. that we say make better sound, how is this hurting you?
Because it’s one of the biggest cons in audio, up there with Shun Mook Mpingo Pucks, any anything geoffkiat sells 

>>>>>>“The greatest fraud of all is the man who believes—or pretends to believe—that everything and everybody are frauds.” - PT Barnum

Buy yourself some good khozmo attenuators and some duelund caps and forget the bs fuses 
Frank, oregonpapa was "testing", evaluating Orange prototype fuse for Ted Denney (Synergistic Research). His "testimony" is just advertizing material, . We know, there "no free lunch". I bet, he didn’t pay for the "prototype" Orange fuses. I have no doubt SR Orange is a very good fuse but what value has Frank opinion? I would like to hear from unbiased persons, not affiliated to Synergistic Research about the new Orange fuse.
I use Blue fuse and wonder how much Orange different, better?
I just got the 2nd orange fuse in my amp, sounds good from the start, no idea why. I have one in my preamp that one take awhile to sound good, it sound ok to start but didn't fully settle in after 150 hrs. this one once in the amp, quieter ie. blacker background, wider soundstage, more holographic, voices the most difference it sounds more natural, love this part, all others the timbre just seem to sound more correct or natural, does seem to have a bit of grain sometime, very strange most SR products take long time to break in, the power cord is the worst

@jordi  +1 with regards to a better volume pot such as a TKD or Khozmo where real difference can be made for less than the price of a Synergistic Master Fuse.

Then a change to Duelund caps might cost a bit more, but are big upgrade to the run of the mill caps most manufacturer's install even in some of the more expensive kit.


     Anyone actually interested in improving the sound/presentation of their system and curious, as to whether a simple fuse change might make a difference, can audition the Synergistic, at home, for 30 days, without risk.

     Click on the following and scroll down slightly.   You'll notice a proclamation/seal, promising your money back, if dissatisfied.

      No excuse not to try them for yourself (or a plethora of Synergistic's other products in your own home and system, with your own ears*) to dispel any mystery.

                                      SO MANY variables

                        SO MUCH bias and unfounded opinion

        *Obviously: one must trust their ears as well as: capacity for discerning the truth, because the Denyin'-tologists will tell you, "You're crazy!" (or some variant).


                                     HAPPY LISTENING!