Synergistic Research - New Telsa cable

Hi was looking for feedback on anyone using the Synergistic Research - New Telsa cable - as usual there website is considerably lagging behind the product launch. I am looking in particular for there Rel Spec cables.

thanks Gareth
I think they're on to something that no one is ready to hear...cables no longer being a sonic constrictor. After seeing and hearing the process first hand at Synergistcic, I can say that it's not subtle...for once the components are left to do what they either do best or don't do best...but the imaging is unreal with all that I've used it with. It all of a sudden becomes a 360 degree imaging field from the speakers, not just a rectangle that is either thicker or more thin. And it comes out of nowhere...TRUE micro/macro dynamics. I was shocked to find HOW MUCH NOISE most cables introduce into signal path. I may sound cryptic, but it's the real deal and I have heard/owned close to them all in my system.
I have the Tesla cables in my system and can say with confidence that unless SR trumps itself my search for the best cable is over. I suggest that you call and talk directly with Ted Denny. He is a very knowledgable and friendly person.
I agree completely with Babyj and Kenscollick. I've been to Irvine and have heard the PowerCell in action... and what I heard (A-B) is really a dramatic change for the better in the entire dimension of the music experience. It has to be heard to be appreciated. The Cable Company is a good place to start auditioning the SR Tesla cables and PowerCell. I have no affiliation with the CC, just a happy customer, ask for Joe.