Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables

Hello guys and gals, has anyone tried the NEW Element speaker cables and interconnects with their universal speaker and interconnect cells.

I'm trying to get demo's now from Synergistic or The Cable Company AND as soon as I do; I will have a review up.

Happy New Year!
I have seen you trash talk HiDiamond on these forums and we have all seen where you wrote that you borrowed HiDiamond from the Cable Company. Let me be very clear once again; we have never sold HiDiamond cables to the Cable Company and the Cable Company has never loaned Joeyboynj HiDiamond Cables.
I have never heard the new SR cable and I would never say I had heard them if I hadn't heard them. There are a few very good cable companies and cables can be personal preference but when you see a person blatantly trash talking a brand will only promoting one other brand than you need to take this persons integrity into account. I can assure you that if you read real HiDiamond owners opinions of HiDiamond, you will get a much more truthful opinion of the sound of HiDiamond Cables because those people have actually heard HiDiamond cables. This does not mean that SR cables are bad sounding because I am sure they are very good sounding but we should all take certain people with a grain of salt when they continue to trash certain brands will promoting other brands.

In two previous post, yes, I mistakenly mentioned the cable company. Then in a later post, I corrected myself and said I borrowed the PC's from a close A-gon friend. Sorry for the mis-type, but I DID later correct myself and said I borrowed them. People make mistakes sometimes. Geez.
Way back when these PCs came out. You offered me a discount to try them. I was interceded until I was told there was NO money back policy if I don't like the cords. Therefore, later I borrowed them from a friend and returned them. And I'm glad I did not take you on your offer I'd be stuck with PC's I didn't like in my system. Because the SR Element pc's work much better for me in my system.
I have SR Apex and PR Interconnects. They are open sounding cable with good soundstage. One of my MPC broke so I have opened it, I was utterly surprised , it was build with cheaper parts then $7 power adapter I had at hand. Why do they cost so much. So instead of spending $60 for replacement MPC I have used 30V, $7 worth power adapter with no degradation to sonics.
I have read about Galileo MPC how much they would improve the sound of Apex. But before I would invest $400 for power adapter (ridicules price IMHO), I made appointment with Synergistic dealer, I took very experienced audiophile friend with me. Dealer have whole system wired up with SR Tesla series (all Apex for IC and speakers ) , as Speakers he used Wilson Audio Sasha newest Audio Research classic 120 monoblock amplifiers some top preamplifier from AR and as CDP AudioAreao La Source.
First we listened with cheap MPC’s, then dealer replaced all of them with Gallileo ones, after a few minutes of warm up, we tried to hear a difference. We could not, we try hard 4 times going back and forth. He help us by telling what we are supposed to hear. With his help we finally were able to here a minuscule differences on a level of perception. Maybe we force us to hear it, I would not bet one dollar bill on it.
He told us that the differences are really, really small and there is nothing wrong with us. I have come to that audition with desire to buy Galilleo MPC but after audition I would not buy them for $20 bucks I was Galileo cured. Even dealer was not able sincerely deny that Galileo MPC is rip off and that most people would not hear any difference.
I will not provide his name here, he was nice, honest guy and have spent several hours of his time for us.
I have never heard Elements series, but I have compared SR Apex at home with Tara Labs 0.8, cables better in some areas worse at some areas.
Sometime latter rich friend borrow me two runs of Tara Zero and Tara Omega for 3 months. I could not believe differences, they were huge, just different league. Details neutrality, no more high-end just pure music, pure magic.
I wish I could forget those 3 months, it was hard going back to SR Apex and Tara 0.8 I own.
And since Zero con can be found used for not much more then new SR cables I’m thinking how does Elements CTS compares to used Zero ?