Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables

Hello guys and gals, has anyone tried the NEW Element speaker cables and interconnects with their universal speaker and interconnect cells.

I'm trying to get demo's now from Synergistic or The Cable Company AND as soon as I do; I will have a review up.

Happy New Year!

I see I am not alone in not being enthralled with SR cables.

I have never heard an SR cable that even came close to David Elrod cables.

My loaner XOT's came in a few days ago and I'm not impressed with their performance, lower floor noise and a slight increase in dynamics at the expense of musicality. Instruments appeared to be smaller in scale and didn't have the bloom which mimics a 3 dimensional image between your speakers.

Basically, my speakers lost their overall drive and sound quality on how sound is projected into the room. The XOT's are a no go for me...
Hi Wig, Sorry they did not work out for you. Everyone's system is different. But I have to agree with Lwin on his comments on the XOT's above. In addition in my system the soundstage was liquid, transients just flow like water. Better in resolving detail because they were so quiet. Top to bottom.

Davidpritchard, how did they work out for you in your system? Good or bad? Thanks, Joe

This is the same impression I got from the Steinmusic Speaker Match tails. I like their Harmonizers very much but their Speaker Matches were a no-go for me.
I have seen you trash talk HiDiamond on these forums and we have all seen where you wrote that you borrowed HiDiamond from the Cable Company. Let me be very clear once again; we have never sold HiDiamond cables to the Cable Company and the Cable Company has never loaned Joeyboynj HiDiamond Cables.
I have never heard the new SR cable and I would never say I had heard them if I hadn't heard them. There are a few very good cable companies and cables can be personal preference but when you see a person blatantly trash talking a brand will only promoting one other brand than you need to take this persons integrity into account. I can assure you that if you read real HiDiamond owners opinions of HiDiamond, you will get a much more truthful opinion of the sound of HiDiamond Cables because those people have actually heard HiDiamond cables. This does not mean that SR cables are bad sounding because I am sure they are very good sounding but we should all take certain people with a grain of salt when they continue to trash certain brands will promoting other brands.