Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables

Hello guys and gals, has anyone tried the NEW Element speaker cables and interconnects with their universal speaker and interconnect cells.

I'm trying to get demo's now from Synergistic or The Cable Company AND as soon as I do; I will have a review up.

Happy New Year!
I bought a whole system of the a Element copper,and and 6 of the power cords .from $6-1200 .the system sound good but not earth shattering and I even Tried all the bullit combinations .i had their lowest 3 ft strip,plus conditioner
4 plug outlet.i have 2 dedicated awg10 lines right to the breaker box,and two 20 amp lines . It was a nightmare like 16 wires,and it was not neat.
Ion my system the Analysiis plus solo Crystal speaker cable is excellent, on top I use he MIT HD36 interconnect ,and this was a clear step up and I also tried theirTungston interconnect the MIT had more body and layering,the Synergistic did have a bit more air and a bit lighter sounding.
and then the extra charges $400 for each wall wart for the live shielding
That is a scam.i bought 2 .they made a improvement.My friend cut one open that stopped working there is maybe $20 in parts if you are lucky.
This should be standard in the price maybe $50 extra. Value as well as quality .this is just my opinion a lot of others don't mind the charges.
I working in audio retail for years and some markups are better then 10 x
Audio cables can be some of the worst in markups. I do like their fuses though.
Used MIT for 14+ yrs and tried them again 2 yrs ago; don't care for Hi-Fi-ish sounding cables that strips the fabric and dimensionality from the music and one can be easily tricked into a more laid back and slightly forward midrange...

Compare them with these three cables; Acoustic Zen Absolute Copper, Clarity Cable Organic and Wywires, you will be shocked on what's missing...
Audioman58, s.r. cable new element series cables blows away any other brand I've tried. And that includes MIT, Shunyta, Hi Diamond (crap), Tara labs, to name a few. It was most probably that your equipment was not up to snuff or you had something set up wrong. There are Thousands of happy S.R. Customers. Too bad you little isolated insident did not work for you. Provide more details and talk in complete sentences and maybe us S.R. Pros can help you out. Geez. BTW, the Transporter for the active shield blows away the Galileo MPC's and eliminates all the wall worts so there is no more clutter. If you want a reference system from S. R., you should start with one of these and get the CTS cables, PowerCell 10 SE and tranquility base, HFT's, FEQ, XOT and UEF bullets. It cost money and expensive components to own a true Reference System and lots of years of experience.

I see I am not alone in not being enthralled with SR cables.

I have never heard an SR cable that even came close to David Elrod cables.

My loaner XOT's came in a few days ago and I'm not impressed with their performance, lower floor noise and a slight increase in dynamics at the expense of musicality. Instruments appeared to be smaller in scale and didn't have the bloom which mimics a 3 dimensional image between your speakers.

Basically, my speakers lost their overall drive and sound quality on how sound is projected into the room. The XOT's are a no go for me...