Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables

Hello guys and gals, has anyone tried the NEW Element speaker cables and interconnects with their universal speaker and interconnect cells.

I'm trying to get demo's now from Synergistic or The Cable Company AND as soon as I do; I will have a review up.

Happy New Year!

Did you get the XOT's yet? If so, what is your impression?

I placed an order for a pair, I hope to get them next week.

Thanks, Joe

You have a review in the XOT's yet?

I got the XOT's today. Simply stunning right out of the box! WOW! More to come...
I installed a set of Synergistic Research's XOT's in my system. One word...Incredible! Soundstage more liquid, transients just flow like water. The black background is stunning. These just makes the stereo sound so much more real. Top to bottom. Like I'm at the event itself. What a surprise. These are amazing!!!!
Joyeyboynj is a much faster adapter than I am. His description is still good. Blacker background, deeper and wider soundstage. Music notes have a purer- "you are there live quality". It is important to give them a good 75+ hour breakin to reach their final effect.
I bought a whole system of the a Element copper,and and 6 of the power cords .from $6-1200 .the system sound good but not earth shattering and I even Tried all the bullit combinations .i had their lowest 3 ft strip,plus conditioner
4 plug outlet.i have 2 dedicated awg10 lines right to the breaker box,and two 20 amp lines . It was a nightmare like 16 wires,and it was not neat.
Ion my system the Analysiis plus solo Crystal speaker cable is excellent, on top I use he MIT HD36 interconnect ,and this was a clear step up and I also tried theirTungston interconnect the MIT had more body and layering,the Synergistic did have a bit more air and a bit lighter sounding.
and then the extra charges $400 for each wall wart for the live shielding
That is a scam.i bought 2 .they made a improvement.My friend cut one open that stopped working there is maybe $20 in parts if you are lucky.
This should be standard in the price maybe $50 extra. Value as well as quality .this is just my opinion a lot of others don't mind the charges.
I working in audio retail for years and some markups are better then 10 x
Audio cables can be some of the worst in markups. I do like their fuses though.