Synergistic Research MIGS

Have anyone used these before? If so what is your experience?
I have had them in my system for a couple years. Simply put they are amazing. I had previously been using BDR cones but the migs do a far better job. They are a very affordable component.
IMO, everything is system-dependent. You simply have to
experiment to find what will work best for you.

PS, the MIGS lasted about five minutes under my amp and cd player.
But I would not have known this if I wasn't willing to try them, right?

Think of them as a link in the reproductive chain, influenced by
your floor, your rack/shelving, the piece you are using them under...
You are simply looking for the best fit, which means "best for you."
Nothing special for my system so I sold the MIG's.
The Marigo Mystery Feet - now these are amazing under everything!
I'm sure there amazing but I can't spend 800$ for a set off 3. That's why I'm looking at the MIGS at 150$.
Aurios, BDR, Symposium Rollerblocks
have different applications in my system...

You WILL hear differences!
Taters, I am a fan of Synergistic Research. I have heard the MIGs in both my system and a few others. Used under amps, DACs, and transports. Both myself and the other users felt that they made a worth while improvement for their cost.

But, I and a few of the above users have also tried the Stillpoints Ultra Mini footers. Yes they are more money, $375 for three vs $150. However, they out performed the MIGs in all aspects. The harmonics and decay of notes, the air around the instruments, the reduction of distortion in the sound of the music. The instruments sounded more like they do in real life. It also had a better sound stage and more holographic. Now this was not an OMG it is so abvious but it was noticeable. Once I replaced the MIGs with the Stillpoint Mini I did not want to take them out.
Now do not get me wrong, the MIGs give you many of the above benefits, just not at the same level as the Mini. Now not everyone felt that way, some preferred the MIGs. So as the saying goes YMMV.

So go with the one that fits your budget. You can not go wrong with either one.

PS The above were done in various members systems in a local Audio Club we all belong to in the NJ/NY area.
I just had the Cable company send me 2 sets on audition so I'll know in a few days if I like them or not.
@Hifial, which components did you put the Stillpoint Ultra Minis under and do they actually replace your feet on your components or do the component feet fit inside the stillpoints? I have the S.R miggs under eveything and it is hard to maintain stability of the component as they slide easily. I have the Big miggs between my sub and my HifiPyon platform. What Stillpoints would you suggest for the sub/platform if any?

Would you recommend three or four Stillpoints under a Tube Integrated and Oppo 105 Player?
Hi Bacardi.

The Stillpoints were used under SS Amps and a DAC. They make adapter threads that you can use to replace the feet that are on your components. Or you can just place them under without any attachments. They come with a "top or cap" that you unscrew and attach the threads.

Depending on the component (and your budget) you would use three to four feet.

Everyone was amazed by the improvement they made under the SS Amps. We tried it with and without them being attached to the amps. I preferred them attached and that is the recommended approach. It was a three feet configuration as that is the way the amps feet are.

I would say both the Tube and the Oppo would benefit. If you want them attached then you have to go with four. However three might be fine under the Oppo. You would still get additional improvement with the forth Stillpoint but it would be less then under components that would need the forth. It is best to ask Bruce at Stillpoints.

As for your Sub (and other components) you need the SS Ultra footers. Also you will not need the platform as the Stillpoints are designed to be placed on the floor including a rug. You should email Stillpoints or call them. Talk to Bruce Jacobs and he will guide you as to what level and how many. You will get the most bang using them under your speakers. I plan on doing that under my B&W 802Ds any week now. I will post my findings.

Good luck and let me know how it goes for you.
@Hifial, THX for the help and info. Greatly appreciated....
I got the MIGS yesterday and I am very disappointed. I'm shipping them back today.
Taters, try the Stillpoints Ultra Mini if you can fit them in your budget. I found them better then several other footers. I feel you would have to spend a lot more to do better. I have had Finite Elemente (both the ceraball and cerapuck)(though the ceraball are less money so they might be an alternative for you) and they were very good but IMHO I thought the Mini were better. The others I would prefer not to name.

Good luck.
Old thread, but I just sampled the MiGs for myself. I was pretty disappointed with the performance. They claim vast improvements and I struggled to hear any changes in system performance on two very different systems in two very different rooms. I can only conclude that these are system-dependent. Maybe if your CDP has a ton of mechanical vibration they will make a difference for you. If not, there are other, cheaper alternatives to sample.
To who viewed my blog linked above from here and commented anonymously, I responded, but also wanted to include it here in case you don't see it:

Thank you for the response. SR is no stranger to controversy or criticism in the audio world; this post is about a single product in their vast line up. As I disclosed in the final thoughts, the people at SR are very pleasant to deal with, they are friendly, answer questions quickly, etc., but that doesn't mean I would or should recommend these footers to my target audience -- people just getting into hi-fi, or hi-fi on a budget. I even encourage people to try them first, because, as you and I both stated, it is very likely their performance is system-dependent.

Why post a review like this? Because it generates discussion that would hopefully help others interested in the product make an informed decision. In audio, more often than not, results are subjective. Your ears vs. mine, etc. It's good to be able to get opinions on how products perform in different setups.

This has nothing to do with "pooping" on SR or being hostile to them at all, because I too have seen and heard other products of theirs that are phenomenal quality, but I personally don't think these footers live up to the marketing, and I tried to present that opinion objectively. I still thanked them for running the contest and providing these to me, it didn't stop me from emailing SR photos of the MiGs that I took that they said they liked (saw on Facebook) either. But, when I share my experiences, I intend to be honest. Any Google search will yield you several more results of people either praising SR or saying they are full of hocus-pocus.

I can inform you of cables, and I can also update the post with them:
My system is connected to a Monster Power HTS 5100 power conditioner. The Sony is using it's stock power cable. The NAD is using a PS Audio Jewel power cable. Interconnects are WireWorld Equinox 3+. Speaker cable is Gotham Audio 50040 terminated in gold bananas.

My Uncle's system is more complex and it's likely he will pop in and confirm the setup that was used. Speaker wire is Kimber 8TC. Interconnects were DH Labs Silver Sonic Air Matrix. I believe the power cords were the JPS Labs Digital on the Linn and a Shunyata Research on the amp and preamp (not sure of model).

Seriously, thanks for taking the time to respond. Constructive feedback is what will make this blog get better.

If you want to share suggestions on how you setup the MiGs and what you heard, that would be helpful also. Thanks again.
I use them under my turntable, preamp, and power conditioner, the effect is easy to hear and very positive. I guess its a system thing. They were not great on a tube amp I once had, but a must on front-end components. IMHO.
I use them under most of my equipment.
I've had mine for two years and think they make a difference. I don't have a quality rack, so that might be a factor in your experience.
Bjesien, that's interesting that you say they help you then. The MiGs couple your device to whatever it is sitting on, so I'd think that if your rack is prone to vibrations, the MiGs would actually increase the vibrations traveling into your system. But, if your ears are happy, that's what counts.