Synergistic Research IFT bi-wire

I have a question about adapting SR Acoustic Reference IFT-Bi-wire speaker cables to a single set of binding posts.

There seem to be two ways to do that;

1. Insert two spades in a bindig post

2. Block the spade of jumper wire end-side with some tapes to avoid shorts and put the main spade in the biding post.

Do you have any idea of which will be better?

BTW, IFT-Biwire, I understand, is a typical single wire speaker cable soldered with a jumper wire at the speaker end spades that are big enough to accomodate two cables at once.
Well the first question would be, why did you get the Bi-wire if you didnt need it?

Get a good quality Spade/bananna adapter and plug the extra ends into your speaker terminals with bananas.

See if Synergistic will perform surgery on the tail.
Well, I've changed my speakers and that is the beginning of the problem. I just wanna know what I can do while keeping the IFT bi-wire cables. If SR guys can do some surgery, then that would be great. Or they can let me know how I can re-terminate them at my own costs. Anyway, since the spades have some serious black burn marks that I cannot remove, I do want to re-terminate them.
Anyway, since the spades have some serious black burn marks that I cannot remove, I do want to re-terminate them.
That sounds like arcing due to some very very loose connections. Thats 1 reason I prefer banana's. I personally would contact the guys at SR and have them re-terminated by them. Sure if you are not afraid of soldering and know how to you could do it yourself but remember high end cable companies tend to put some research in types of solder used if not crimped or screwed on along with the brand of connectors.
Since I use AQ binding post wrench to tighten binding posts wherever possible, I do not consider loose connections to be a cause of the problem. The severe black burn marks are shown on the outer edges of the spades, which means the area of spades directly contacting binding posts looks relatively O.K.
Since I used to apply some Caig DeOX-IT on the spades, I'm a little bit suspicious of that causing the severe burn marks,too. However, I have not heard anyone complain burn marks and/or severe oxidation due to the Caig cleaning agents.
I just called Synergistic Research customer service regarding the original question; the answer is the second option. Leave the low-frequency part jumper cables out of binding posts and may do something to prevent shorts.

The IFT bi-wiring method seems to be a very clever idea from Synergistic Research in that it accomodates single wired speakers, too.