Synergistic Research HFT- Frequency Energizer Syst

At RMAF 2013 I heard first hand the effects of these two products. First the High Energy Tunning bullets and then with a powered device- the Low Frequency Pulse Generator.
I was impressed by the magnitude of the change in how the music sounded with the products in place .
With no break in to endure, easy placement, and 30 day trial, it certainly was worth trying.
Now that they have been in and out of my system multiple times, I have a good feeling for the sonic changes. The sound is greatly improved. More detail, better imaging, deeper soundstage, more emotion conveyed, less fatigue, less grain.
The folks at Synergistic Research now have detailed instructions on where to place the 20 to 30 HFT's and placement of the Frequency Generator.
My room had already been extensively acoustically treated and yet this new system has brought about a major improvement in listening enjoyment.
Definately worth auditioning.

David Pritchard
I agree, David. I have enjoyed the ART system for a few years
and the new enhancements are great, working together. They are easy to experiment with, too. The Generator is sensitive to vibration isolation, so
proper treatment is essential.

I am a big fan of anti-static fluid (Staticaster) and the bullets do benefit from a swab with a damp Q-tip. Also, I am told that placement on
Capacitors is effective. Is a comparison with the Quantum chips
in order?

I have had great experiences with SR dealers. They seem to be genuinely interested in these unique products. I am surprised that
there has not been more discussion, here. Hopefully, more people
will put these in their listening rooms, and draw their own conclusions...
Nice observation concerning the anti static treatment. Not having any Staticaster lying around, I decided to use my Orb antistatic hand held device ( these are great for treating vinyl and they also manufacture the type Furotech sells). A 5 second shot on each HRT bullet and time for a relisten. I nice further improvement.

Yesterday I placed the Synergistic Research system in my mother's apartment. This was done 5 HFT's at a time. First on the ported speaker system. "The sound is bigger". Next on the wall behind the speaker. "The instruments are more focused- I can pick out individual instruments". Next the ceilling and side walls. "I am feeling like I am in the music hall". Next the back walls and the CD player." Every thing seems to be tied in together correctly"
That afternoon I came back with the Frequency Generator.
Simply placed it on the floor behind the speaker and plugged it in. " Less noise, more open, more relaxed. Bach has never sounded better".For fun I put on the old time radio show station via Sirious radio. The spoken voice of the actors sounded like they were performing live. Neither of us had heard Humphery Boggart's voice sound real before.

This is in a room that is nearly impossible to acousticaly treat. The apartment is "T" shapped, windows along one wall, and way too small to start placing absorbers and diffusers. This Synergistic Research System has transformed the listening experience for my mom and is staying in place.
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