Synergistic Research HFT + FEQ

I heard this tweak at RMAF and brought it home on a 30-day free trial. Unfortunately it turned out to be a real system killer. I had 20 of the HFTs and tried them with and without the FEQ, using a ladder to put them up and take them down repeatedly. I couldn't believe how awful it was. Made it hard to enjoy my otherwise excellent ~$45k system.

I had a similar experience with their Quantum fuse. Never did trust anything with "Quantum" in the title. HiFi Tuning Supreme fuses, on the other hand, made my amps sound significantly better.
Wow you guys are far ahead of me.

Two AM PEA $600.00 middle guys

Two R777

Set of Hologram sticks

Bybee speaker bullets

So I must try these SR HFT guys to keep up with the young cats here.
I'm amazed anyone with a good system likes these things. They ruined my system - degraded the imaging and sucked the life right out of the music. Truly the most awful tweak I've ever had the displeasure to endure.
Augwest, you are one in many many many that oppose this new system. I just think you maybe not set these thins up right. And you did not have all correct quantities of these new items for the size and shape of your room. I would like to suggest maybe you try it again but this time with expert advise from your dealer or calling S.R. directly if your dealer has no clue. The first step that helped me the most was calling my dealer and S.R. and then removing and selling all my previous room correction items in my room. I sold all my GIK panels and any other room treatment. The money I got from the sale paid for all the new S.R. items I needed for my room and a saved a few 100's as well.

The directions that came with the HFT is just a guide. My positions of my (15) HFT's are much different from the instructions. Also, this new S.R. acoustic room treatment equipment consists of the HFT, FEQ, UEF, and XOT's and its truly the new SOTA room correction system at a reasonable price. A dealer would have to suggest loaning you all of these items just to see a base point on where to start and how many you will need. I actually needed (15) HFT's, (1) (FEQ) which is very finicky on how its plugged in and located for it to work properly), one pair of XOT's and (6) UEF's. A combo of (3) gray and (3) silver. (These had to be placed at critical points n my system. Mostly power cords.

I also like to add, a big odd room needs more and a smaller near field system needs much less. but gets the same results... And it needs to be set up correctly with help of a S.R. dealer. Its the combination on how much HFT, FEQ, UEF, and XOT's your system needs to get the perfect room correction that is needed. Even for experimentation by you in your system. That process takes a few days maybe weeks. Once its all dialed in the room you created will be the best SOTA room treatments/corrections and soundstage you will ever hear. I would have not have ever switched to this new room treatment system if it was not done right and if I did not get expert direction and follow up from my dealer at The Cable Company. They know exactly what to do to set these things up. Each system is set up in its own unique way and may or may not even use all the products and maybe just one or a few product from this new line of room correction products is needed.

I'm very happy with all the hard work and content adjusting until I got the exact audio performance I have been looking for years form my room to sound. Yea, I did not like the way a few position sounded in my room. It was my determination and persistence that cause me to succeed with my room.

I think many others here experienced this in their system as well as I did too with the new Synergistic Research products. Plus I had a lot of fun setting all these items up and I can change my soundstage anytime if I want to by moving the HFT's. My soundstage is now very wide, tall, removes boundaries of the front and rear wall, envelops me all around me. Its truly 3D right in front of me and all around me playing any instrument I choose from my source. I'm very pleased with these new products.
I have quite a few Acoustic Science tube traps in my room with the HFT/FEQ/XOT's.

Do you think I should take out the Tube Traps?
I have quite a few Acoustic Science tube traps in my room with the HFT/FEQ/XOT's.

Do you think I should take out the Tube Traps?