Synergistic Research Enigma

In your opinion, is there any demand out there for this device released a few years ago? I believe list was about $8k.......
It is a complete enigma to me.
Seriously I imagine that they made a few sales but that product is not written about much in forums so I would guess sales were/are pretty limited.
First you have to get your names straight. I am pretty sure that you are asking about the Galileo System. I have seen and heard them and while it is hard to say this individual component is making the difference the whole system was incredibly good, and this was at the CES so room conditions were not necessarily the best. Back to the question, this is a cost no object system that like many companys SR strives to build the best then uses the knowledge to trickle down to more affordable components. but I would say that they have sold a few.
The EnigmA is the active shielding solution they put out that has 2 tube options and a solid state option all in one box.
Epat, you really need to do a little research before posting

Start here:
Here's a video of Ted Denney introducing the Enigma 4 years ago....