Synergistic Research Customer Service ????

I have been a long time customer of Synergistic Research products and if my wife new the money I have spent on their gear that is currently in my system she would divorce me for being crazy but for me it works and exceedingly well until it breaks. In the past, I never had a problem getting one of their products repaired or replaced if it wasn't working properly. They were great to deal with but as of late I have had the exact opposite experience. I have an FEQ that no longer works so I went to their website to find a customer service tab. After some searching , I found where I could send an email with a question. I asked how I could get my FEQ repaired. After approximately 2 weeks and no response I called and asked for customer service. I was told that the person I needed to talk to was in a meeting but he would be given my contact info and get right back to me. Another two weeks go by another phone call placed and I am told that the person who handles returns was interviewing somebody but he would be given my info and get right back to me. After another 2 weeks and no response I contacted the retailer who sold it to me and asked if they could help. Again no response. I don't know if they are short of help or what but this isn't how you treat a customer. Have any of you recently had an experience with Synergistic Research similar to mine? I love their products and I admire Ted Dennehy and the way it thinks far outside the box so I truly hope what I have encountered is an exception.
I admire your patience. I can't imagine myself waiting 2 weeks between calls. In my job, I need to speak with vendors every day, and of course I get the same response. If it carries on for more than two days with one vendor, I become more firm, and insist on speaking to someone, anyone who can help me, citing the lack of attention I have experienced the 2 previous days.
Good Luck!
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Thanks! for sharing your story- Iwin

it is paramount to post both positive & negative experiences when dealing w/ these companies. Considering the price-points for SR products, you deserve better. I would move on to a different Cable company.

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Your post just popped up on my newsfeed so I checked our emails and I do not find a request for repair for an FEQ. Not sure what happened here (I'm waiting for a flight from Manchester to Munich) but we will definitely take care of your FEQ, as we do for all SR customers.  Please call the factory, and ask for Andy. He will issue  an RMA, turnaround should be two days to repair, then ship, also standard. Sorry for your inconvenience, boarding now!

Yours in music,
Ted Denney Lead Designer Synergistic Research Inc. 
Wow, looks like Ted is on it.
Mistakes do happen, Iwin please keep us posted...
I'm curious as to what happens.
To me since not too long ago, it seemed that all customer service in general have it's all hands locked in shackles.
Got to love when the top guy at the company answers you from a different continent. 
I returned to the house after 11 hours on the road and 270 miles to  meet with 2 clients and I called Andy. He was tied up but the person I spoke to{Kevin} asked what I called for and when I said I wanted to return a FEQ he said he would connect me with the person who takes care of FEQ returns which he did .I am a little weary so unfortunately, I forgot his name.  I now have my RMA #. Thanks Ted, I wish I didn't have to use a public forum to get results but the response from your employees was like  night and day to what I have encountered recently. One suggestion going forward is your website could be a little more customer friendly if the dashboard had a customer service tab.
Iwin we have a new website (6 weeks old now). At the bottom of each page is a 'contact us' link. I hope this helps. The bottom line here is that we never got an email in our inbox asking for assistance w your FEQ so I'm not sure what happened there. As for your call, someone dropped the ball and for that I am very sorry. We will get your FEQ in good working order and shipped back immediately as we always do for all our customers. I really do appreciate your business and count SR users as friends :)

Yours in music,
Ted Denney Lead Designer Synergistic Research Inc.