Synergistic Research Comes Down to Earth

I just read some of the RMAF reviews. Since I live overseas I don't get to shows and am envious of those who have the opportunity to do so. I noticed a big difference in the Synergistic Research room this year versus last year.

In 2011 Synergistic Research chalked up a grand total of nearly $150,000 for their system with about $40,000 of that dedicated to their own equipment and cables. It must have been a pretty impressive sound. This year their room chalked up only about $25,000 with about $13,000 dedicated to their own equipment and cables.

Synergistic Research has really come down to Earth. I wonder how the 2012 system sounded compared to the 2011 system. One thing that I am pondering is the $1,500 Nola speaker in a $25,000 system. The Nola is supposed to be an impressive speaker but I wonder about the sonic attributes of a $1,500 in a $25,000 system. Can anyone report on the Synergistic Research room and the Nolas?
I've heard the smaller Nola's elsewhere and recall a very viable big hitting sound out of a small package that could please many I would think for not much. I think it was small Nola's I heard at Capital Audifest 2010 running of a $450 Jolida FX10 tube integrated and delivered sound so good for the $$$ that I was tempted to add a third inexpensive tube amp based system on the spot. That does not happen for me very often.

Glad to hear it if SYnergistic Research is coming down to earth. WIth the economy these days compared to recent past glory days, that is probably a smart move that many high end audio vendors should note.
Thanks for letting me know. I agree -- with the economy the way it is this is probably a smart move that we may see others copying.
Excellent post. It makes you realize just how diverse a system can be and still sound great.

For me, the real issue is not weather SR has "Come down to earth" but are their products worth the money; at all price levels. I understand, though, that my opinion on value is completely subjective, but that's how I look at it.

As far as using a $1500 speaker in a $25000, I say why not? If it sounds good, its the right speaker. (I will admit, though, that's a pretty big price difference.) My main system is similar. I have my Vandersteen 2's connected to a pair of Ayre 5's in a vertical bi-amp setup. Sounds incredible.
You make a good point when you ask, "but are their products worth the money". In many cases, and I have owned a lot of Synergistic Research over the years, my answer is no, they are way overpriced for what they deliver. And what they deliver is often less than spectacular.

In this regard, here is a comment from a recent review of the Synergistic Research Tranquility Base. The link to this review is ironically on Synergistic Research's own site:

"The Synergistic Research Tranquility Base is a very interesting product. It clearly influences the sound in a good way. It is prohibitively expensive but worthy at least a listen just to be aware of what’s possible."

This is a very tepid endorsement for a product that is "prohibitively expensive".
The review in question was written in Poland where the Tranquility Base retails for $3700 USD, or nearly twice its US retail price of $1,995.

Here is the full 6 Moons review translated from Polish:

Synergistic Research Tranquility Base vs. Acoustic Revive RAF-48. The Synergistic Research is nominally an anti-vibration platform. In fact that’s secondary as its primary role is to minimize RF noise in the device sitting on it. That is achieved by a set of small modules powered by a small wall wart whose output current can be adjusted by plugging in small cylinders with blue LEDs – the platform comes with two of them. I could not hear any difference between them. Under the modules is a screen plate to which you connect a wire fitted with a mains plug on the other end. Obviously ground is coupled with the earth pin. It is fairly easy to understand how it works and even easier to hear. Just remove the power supply and unplug the earth wire.

The change in sound is quite substantial. The Meitner sounded much better on the activated platform. The changes mostly concerned its midrange and treble. The latter was richer, better separated and more vivid when the platform was powered up. So too was the midrange. I really liked it because it gave music more gravitas The sound was clearer and more lucid without any brightening. Hence I was very curious to see how the U.S. platform would fare against my reference, the air-flotation Acoustic Revive RAF-48 anti-vibration platform from Japan. The difference in price between the two is double. If anyone calls the AR is expensive, one now might think twice about that.

The Meitner atop the RAF-48 platform was more austere. It was perfectly audible that the Synergistic created a golden glow which clarified but also saturated the top end. This lacked with the AR. Meanwhile the bass seemed better articulated and differentiated with the Japanese platform. The difference was not significant but repeatable and audible with each record. The Synergistic Research Tranquility Base is a very interesting product. It clearly influences the sound in a good way. It is prohibitively expensive but worthy at least a listen just to be aware of what’s possible. I think it will be very versatile and improve the sound for any type of component sitting atop it.

I auditioned the player with the Synergistic Research platform. This was the first time that some other support’s sonic characteristics exceeded those of my Acoustic Research RAF-48 air-bladder solution. I have not seen anything like it before. By reducing RF in the device placed on it, the platform improves treble quality by adding weight, musicality and improved sustains. It's an outstanding achievement!

You decide.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Lead Designer, Synergistic Research Inc.

Overall, I tend to agree with your comments about SR cables. I tried several different pairs on loan from The Cable Company. For the most part, they were OK but overpriced. Just to be clear, though, their product line is very large and I haven't heard most of it. It wouldn't be fair of me to comment on SR as a whole; I based my opinion only on the models I tried myself. They do look really neat, though.
You make a good point about the price being double in Poland. If this is generally true of the pricing outside the US then the Tranquility Base will only be for the very well-heeled in those countries. As for US buyers, if they want to put a Tranquility Base under pre-amp, amp, DAC, transport and turntable they are looking at an expenditure of $10,000. I imagine this would be an eye-opening event for most of those participating on these forums, myself included. Based on the tepid endorsement of the Tranquility Base in the Polish review I don't know how many audiophiles would want to take the plunge, frankly.
You don't need to put the T. Base under everything in order to gain the benefit of the technology. That would be overkill, IMO. I have one under my source and there is a noticeable difference for the better. That is enough for me. At $1995 retail, it is more realistically priced than many other SR products, IMO.
Thanks for this information. I think the question is not that $1995 is more realistically priced than many other SR products because we are not talking about purchasing other SR products here. The question is whether one can obtain better value for the sonic dollar elsewhere. $1995 for one Base is no chickenfeed.

Your mention of "more realistically priced than many other SR products" coincides with my feeling that many SR products are not realistically priced for what they offer sonically -- except for those with very deep pockets.
Even with deep pockets, value is still an important factor. In a tighter economy, all are more careful about where their audio dollars go. Some audio companies recognize this, although others obviously do not.
With the tight economy it is very important for me and others to get the best possible value for our audio dollars. Searching for the best deals on the after market is essential. Finding products that can substitute for more expensive products is very important to me.

For example, I have found that a $300 Bybee AC Purifier on the after market can often equal or exceed the performance of an expensive Synergistic Research power cord that may retail for $1800 to $2800. You have to keep an eye out for Bybee products because they don't come up very often, but they do come up a few times a year. I have accumulated upwards of 20 Bybee products -- all bought on the after market. They are the best bang for my audio dollars that I have ever found.

I have also found that HiDiamond cables will exceed the performance of Synergistic Research cables -- and at a fraction of the cost. These are the kinds of products -- Bybee and HiDiamond -- that I look out for in this economy. I would not have an audio system without them.
I may be swicting from Synergistic Research cables to HiDiamond cables. Synergistic is way too expensive for me and all those upgrades. It starting not to be worth it for me anymore.

Can you guys give me some encourangement in making the leap??? ;-) So many of you email me and say HiDiamond are better then Hologram A and D. I could save so much money selling them here for HiDiamond.

And I may be saying goodbuy to Synergistic Research forever. LOL!
I used to be a fully loomed Synergistic Research customer and was also reluctant to make the change. Once I dipped my toes in the HiDiamond water there was no going back -- definitely no buyer's regret here.
Just what I wanted to here. :-)
Hi Joeyboynj. Would you still keep the Powercell 10 MK III AC conditioner?
I kept my Powercell and now run it in series with other front end components.
Yes. There is no doubt. Keeping that for a long time.
I just talked to Robert at Worldwide and have 2 of the Power 3 pcs on their way to me. I'll be trying them in my soon to be completed office system, and then who knows? Definitely more reasonable than SR's cords. Thanks for the heads up guys.
Actually, I just changed my mind on all of this... Plus the Down to Earth system at RMAF won BEST IN SHOW. That says A LOT of CREDIT to Synergitic Research. I'm not going to write them off just yet.

With my Synergistic Research Powercell 10 SE Mk.III that I got recently, it came with a 32-amp Element Copper/Tungsten Power cord instead of the Tesla Precision AC power cord. Let me tell you, this newer Element power cord is incredible and out performs the Tesla power cables in everyway. The same way that the Element speaker cable and interconnect line beats the previous Tesla line. I have my doubts now that the HiDiamond can beat this NEW cord from Synergistic.

I have a feeling like I did with the Tesla line years ago that the NEW Element line is going to be a huge success.

I'm going to order one HiDiamond Power 3 power cord and test it against the whole line of new Element power cords from Synergistic. I'm being sent to DEMO in my system Element Hologram A and Element Hologram D and also Element Copper (T2 Equivalent) and Element Tungsten (T3 equivalent). I'm using The Cable Company as my lender.

A full review will follow soon. Thanks ;-)
I have not tried the Element line so I don't know how it stacks up. I run cables and my front end in series so my system is different from many others. All I know is that, from my experience, you cannot beat having an isolation transformer in series with a power regenerator. Then you add the power conditioner of your choice. In that order. No matter what any power conditioner manufacturer says about their product it cannot come close. They are selling a one-box solution but, unfortunately, the solution does not come in one box. So they always have to market their latest line heavily to make the new imagine of "new and improved" take the place of the old image of "new and improved". It takes time to make the new one stick. There will be another "new and improved" line after the Element. Please be assured. And it will also be accompanied by superlatives. I remember when the SR Master Coupler was the latest and greatest.

Synergistic Research is not alone, of course. All manufacturers play the same game -- with variations on the theme. I remember when the Gillette blue double-edged razor was the cat's meow. I now shave with a 5-blade vibrating razor blade with a special gel strip. The Gillette Double Blue does not cut it anymore -- pun intended. As customers, it is our job to sort the wheat from the chaff, which is not an easy task when there are so many superlatives to choose from in the market place. For me, living abroad and not being able to audition products at home before purchase, this means that a lot of gear gets sold off.

Some Synergistic Research products work well in my series approach to cabling, but others do not. So far, the SR products that are staying are the Tesla 3 power cord, the Hologram D power cord and the Acoustic Reference ICs. That may change, but for now they are staying. The cables that are the mainstay of my system are the HiDiamonds. Without them the sound falls apart.

I am concentrating on room treatment at the moment. The SR ART is definitely staying. So are the Shakti Hallographs. I am waiting to add the Steinmusic Harmonizer System. My system is so resolving that, at this point, room treatment is the most logical place to put my audio dollars.
The point here is VALUE. I think you are missing it. What do the element Hologram A and D retail for? And then don't forget to add Galileo MPC's. I've still got my old SYnergistic Holograms, Apex bi-wire speaker cables, etc. I'm just getting tired of being offered pennies on trade-ins for SR products that are still being sold by Cable Company and Synergistic. The Synergistic trade-up policy is an even bigger joke.

There are 3 other companies, Hi Diamond being one of them, and High Fidelity being another, that I am currently demoing and am getting comparable, if not better performance for considerably less money. These will continue for several months, in both my home and office systems. I will no longer knowingly support blatant audio cable greed. Pretty simple, and just my opinion. I've had ENOUGH.
@joeyboynj. Don't turn your head on HiDiamond just yet. You do know that HD has had the same line for 10-12 years now and just might come out with something new that, other than the Power3 at its price point may just eat the whole new S.R line altogether. S.R has changed the line of cords 3 times in the last 3+ years. To me thats crazy. Have they got it correct yet? - LOL, don't know. But when HD at say 90% correct, definitely will get it to 100% this next round and at a fraction of S.R's prices. You'll know when that happens.......
You stated, "The point here is VALUE.". I agree completely. For instance, I think that the Steinmusic Harmonizer System is a much better bet for sound transformation than one SR power cord. Some of the SR power cords cost way more than the Steinmusic System -- not to mention the cost of the Galileo MPC. Newbees may not know what direction to follow but people like you and me who have been around the block with this have more experience.

I agree with you about The Cable Company and SR's trade-up policy. I have talked about this extensively on the forums. Ted Denney of SR got mad at me on the forum a while back but, you know, there are two sides to the audio coin. There is the manufacturer's side and there is the customer's side.

Although I am keeping a few SR cables for now, I have also found MUCH better value -- and results -- with HiDiamond cables. You hit the nail on the head when you stated, "blatant audio cable greed".

Your observation that SR has changed cable direct once again is spot on. I have commented on this myself in recent forums, incurring the ire of SR's Ted Denney. Who but the well-heeled can afford to go with a trade-up policy such as theirs or a pennies-on-the-dollar trade-in with The Cable Company every couple of years? My pockets are certainly not that deep. I have had to sell off a lot of gear on Audiogon. I'm glad they're here for the market they serve. But I take small haircuts most of the time and big ones when I am unlucky. I am about to take another big one with the pending sale of my Powercell 10SE MKII.

My guess is that HiDiamond will make quite an impact with SR customers. Many people like me and you are switching over -- with absolutely no buyer's regret.
@Bacardi, Synergistic has just released an entirely new line of power cables. Has anyone here heard the new Synergistic Research Element Hologram A and D and also the Element Copper, Element Tungsten and Element Copper/Tungsten power cords? And yes, these are replacing the older Tesla line of power cables. More importantly has anyone COMPARED these to HiDiamond? Cost set a side... I'm placing an order for the New Element CTS A (Hologram A) and Element CTS D (Hologram D) power cords to replace my old Tesla line power cables. I'm also getting the new Element Copper/Tungsten 32-amp power cord for my Powercell 10 SE Mk.III. This new power cords beats the Precision AC SE 32-amp in everyway. It really opens up the Powercell 10 SE the way you guys been hearing that conditioner is holding your system back. These new cables use an active shielded AIR dielectric in a power cord. I never seen an air dielectric used in a power cable before. So this should be interesting. I'll let you know when I get the new cords and let you know how they sound.
I have not tried the new Element series so I cannot comment. But I can comment on your statement, "It really opens up the Powercell 10 SE the way you guys been hearing that conditioner is holding your system back." I can comment here because I own the Powercell. The fact that the new cord opens up the Powercell is an admission that the Powercell holds back the system, which is what I have recently discovered in my system. If you recognize that the new cord opens it up I must assume that SR recognizes this, too. Which means they realize that the Powercell holds back the system -- despite the assertions on their site written before the introduction of the new cord.
I must say with all due respect to both Sabai and others who have said that the Powercell "held back" their system I have found the opposite. I have very good equipment both now and over the years. I have also heard several highly respected Power Conditioners and The Powercell MK II SE is the ONLY one that not only OPENED my system but did no harm in the $5,000 and under range. Anything much higher and I want to choke. I own the MK II SE. I am not saying you are not hearing what you hear. However I know Sabai has stated he has tried tweaking so is it possible anything you have done caused a change in the Powercell over time. I do not just mean a permanent change but a temporary change in the sound induced by some sort of change in the Cell. If left off and disconnected from the wall for a few days and put back in your system do you still hear the same. Or maybe it is permanent.
I agree that most Cable Companies and Power Conditioning Companies are WAY over priced. But at least Synergistic includes a great power cord with the Powercell. EVERYONE else wants you to buy one of theirs so now you can add $2,000-$3,000. And if they include one it is not the best. Now I am talking about what has been. I do not know what Synergistic is doing with the introduction of the new cabling yet.
@Sabai, your comment makes 100% sense. I will later take everything out of the Powercell and reconnect the cords to a power strip and see how that sounds...
I'd be interested in hearing the results when you take out the PowerCell. There was absolutely no doubt that the sound opened up -- in my system. The Powercell was choking it off. I connect everything to my Bybee Stealth now and the system hums. But I will be experimenting with removing the Bybee -- eventually, when I get a power strip -- just to hear what the system sounds like without it.
Sabai, I don’t agree with your comments about the Powercell 10 SE. And Hifial, I agree with your comments. This is what I was able to conclude when I removed the Powercell from my system. The Powercell is only as transparent as the power cord that it is plugged into. In this case the new Element Copper/Tungsten Power Cord is far more transparent then the Precision Reference AC cord it replaces. Nothing more, nothing less. The Powercell in my system does not hold anything back. It increases dynamics in my system. I got my powerful Audio Research Dsi200 integrated amp plugged into it. The DSi200 delivers 200 WPC continuously into an 8-ohm load and 400 WPC 4-ohm load. And I don't have any problems.

In addition, Synergistic Research won 2 Best in Show at RMAF with a small down to Earth system. That alone says to me Synergistic Research knows what they are doing and their products are top notch. Yes, their products are expensive. In my system, I enjoy their products very much. I’m not going to bash a company because they come out with new products every so often. I prefer a company that continues to do research and comes out with new concepts and technology. They sure are consistent to produce products that are innovative and interesting and seem to not to hold back on their constant pursuit to come out with new and improved gear.
The Powercell choked off the sound when I ran it in series with the Bybee Stealth. On its own it did not appear to constrict the sound until I compared it with the Stealth. But I always caution that this is in my system. I appreciate that SR does a lot of research and I still have a number of their cords in my system that I am happy with. But my system is in transition at the moment so my cabling may change.
11-09-12: Bacardi
@Sabai, your comment makes 100% sense. I will later take everything out of the Powercell and reconnect the cords to a power strip and see how that sounds...
Bacardi (Reviews | Threads | Answers | This Thread)
But of course ... blind leading the blind. LOL!!!!!
The sighted leading the sighted. There are many users who are taking the Powercell out of their systems and who are finding the exact same thing -- that the Powercell was actually choking off the sound where this was not initially apparent. It is easy to mistake increased focus and refinement for an improvement to the overall sound. One always has to measure initial impressions against later observations once the system settles in and our perceptions of sonic attributes change along with those system changes.

You may note that I did not find it necessary to punctuate my comments with an inane LOL -- an emphatic expression certain posters use who have opinions about things they have not personally experienced. My comments actually stand on their own two feet -- without any emphatic expressions needed.
Our approach is 180 degrees different. I believe simpler the better, less is more, no cable is the best cable ...

The Powercell choked off the sound when I ran it in series with the Bybee Stealth. On its own it did not appear to constrict the sound until I compared it with the Stealth.
You can also conclude the Stealth is the one that is constricting if running separate did not appear to constrict???

Majority of components are not designed to use in a series. It's logical (to me anyways) that the more you add to a chain, the more it will constrict/alter and I bet if add enough, you will hear NOTHING. You are basically using these products in a series as tone controls.

When I spent big $$ for a VAC, Hegel, Pass ... I want to hear what the designers hears and not some altered manipulated sound.

Personally I don't like active PCs. They seem to alter the sound in an unpleasant and unnatural way and constrict dynamics. I finally ended up with a passive Weizhi PRS-6 that restores the natural tone and doesn't constrict dynamics/current. I also use one for my amps.

Like I said before, you do what sounds best to you but IMO, you are wasting lots time and $$.
My outcome on the disconnection of my Powercell 10 SE proved that it did restrict dynamics,detail and even volume for sacrifice of a little deeper and wider soundstage. otherwise, I will give it more time to settle and give a final conclusion.
This change showed me just how the HiDiamond cords do just by-themselves creating a phenomenal sound with no gimmicks, tricks, enhancements. just straight- up HIDIAMOND........simple...
@Knghifi, would you say that is true about S.R Powercells. They are actively shielded too?
You stated, "Our approach is 180 degrees different. I believe simpler the better, less is more, no cable is the best cable ..."

Of course, I fully understand. But I run a lot of plug-and-play Bybee products in my system and I find that they work best when spliced between two cables instead of being plugged directly into a component. I realize this is unconventional and defies the commonly accepted approach, but it works. It is totally paradoxical and I have no explanation for its success. Tone controls? The tone is definitely affected, as well as many other sonic parameters.

There are other audiophiles using, up front, an isolation transformer > power conditioner > power regenerator with great success, like me. They have written about this in detail on another site forum. Those writing about this are also finding dramatic improvements in the sound. This up-front series approach also requires extra cabling, of course.

I imagine you are correct in that, if I kept adding wires, I would eventually choke off all the sound. The real choker was the Powercell -- it choked off the sound completely, which told me there was something seriously going on with the Powercell in spite of SR's claim that it is not current restricting. It obviously is current restricting, in some way.

My system is a work in progress. I am experimenting with taking cords out and re-configuring to see how this affects the sound. So far, I have not been able to take out any cables without the quality of the sound deteriorating.

The Powercell is actively shielded when you plug in its MPC.

I can picture you at a clam bake with ocean fresh lobsters and clams. They taste best with minimal of preparation and you butchering the dish like it was imitation lobsters and clams. I treat my big $$ components like the ocean fresh lobsters and clams.

Since running components in a series often softens the sound. I bet you have an all SS system and in need of some tubes in the chain. Am I correct on all SS system?
" So far, I have not been able to take out any cables without the quality of the sound deteriorating. "

SAbai, is it possible that the sound merely changes from the optimal (as you have it tuned to your liking) to something different?

Does having all the cables in place truly result in undeniably better sound?

A lot of these judgements tend to be somewhat subjective IMHO, so there is little that most people report that surprises me.
Good question. There is no doubt that the sound improves with series cabling. But now that I have taken out the SR Powercell the dynamic may have changed for all I know. I will need to see what changes will happen to the sound when I take out different cables -- and then reinsert them.
Bacardi, you contradict yourself. On other forum threads you praise the Powercell 10 SE and Synergistic Research and here you do not.

Was it you that had a PS Audio PPP and auditioned the Powercell 10 SE and said the PS Audio was restricting your dynamics? I guess you just got tired of the Powercell and decide to trash it and Synergistic, whom you once praised. When something you like better than HiDiamond come out in a few years, are you going to trash HiDiamond??? I just shake my head in disappointment because you found a manufacturer you like better so you decide to trash another. That is not how you get credibility on these forums. I'm very happy you like HiDiamond in YOUR system. I still like Synergistic Research in mine. Can we all end this boring read and talk about our hobby we love??? Geeeez!
Regarding Bacardi, it is not against the law for someone to change their mind about a component if things change in their system. This has happened more than once with me when I swapped out a component and the sound improved. Since when do we have to stick with judgments that no longer apply to satisfy the need of others for "consistency"?
@Joeyboynj, I am not trashing S.R at all , I am just finding out how the HD sounds without the S.R. powercell and it was restricting dynamics and a real openness to the sound with a slight compromise of soundstage. That is all . My system sounds amazing without it. Please don't put words in my mouth. Thx.
I'm going to order one HiDiamond Power 3 power cord and test it against the whole line of new Element power cords from Synergistic. I'm being sent to DEMO in my system Element Hologram A and Element Hologram D and also Element Copper (T2 Equivalent) and Element Tungsten (T3 equivalent). I'm using The Cable Company as my lender.

A full review will follow soon. Thanks ;-)

Hello Glory,

Any feedback on HiDiamond versus SR Element PC?

Hello, yes, I have done a comparison between Hi-Diamond Power Cables and Synergistic Research Element Power cables. I also have the older Synergistic Research Tesla SE power cables as well. Both new lines did out perform the older Tesla line by a lot. All the stereotypical terms, bigger more holographic soundstage, blacker background, instruments in correct locations and dimension, bass to treble smoothness. Comparing the Hi-Diamond to Element series was easy. Hi-Diamond has low end “Entry Level” power cable called the D3 for $650 and S.R. has the Element Copper $650 and Element Tungsten $900. The D3 fell in-between the two for performance in my opinion. But the Element Tungsten was the true winner easily. Plus the Element Tungsten won the TAS 2012 Cable of the Year Award. That alone says a lot. I discovered the Tungsten to be the most holographic sounding of all cables. Listening revealed exceptional high frequency extension and note decay that comes from a lower noise floor and its amazing portrayal of live music, presented in realistic space and scale, that is closer to a live event.

Next Hi-Diamond D4 $2,000 vs. S.R. Element Copper-Tungsten $1,800. They both had even bigger soundstages and frequency extremes. The Element Copper-Tungsten is more refined high frequency extension, pin-point imaging, with precise instrument placement, low frequencies are presented with amazing power and quickness. This cable was less warm and true to the source.

All these cables were even lesser refined and bettered by the Element C.T.S. Analogue and Element C.T.S. Digital, which are very refined. The Element C.T.S. Analogue superiorly blends warmth, liquidity, and musicality, with dynamics, precise imaging and high frequency air and extension. In addition, the Element C.T.S. Digital has two big strengths, musical liquidity and precise pin-point imaging, for a sound that is lush, detailed and precise. Synergistic claims that this cable is expertly voiced for digital components and that the Element C.T.S. Digital preserves live recordings with realistic scale and holographic room filling sound. I Agree, the details, dynamics, and precise image placement rival that of any cable I ever heard. I don’t think any of the Hi-Diamond cables are especially voiced for Analogue or Digital.

I always say get a FREE audition of the Synergistic Research power cables at any of their dealers like their website says and try them at home in your system and see which ones YOU like better. Have fun!
I have done a comparison with the S.R element copper tungsten to the Hidiamond P3 and found the P3 to compete very well against a cord 3x it's price. For a power cord of its price-point the P3 is a very good power cord.

But, I also did a comparison with a S.R Element(D) Copper Tungsten Silver power cord at twice the price of a P4 and found the HD power 4 at initial plug-in to be the clear winner. I find the S.R's to be liquid, analytical, forward sounding as most of their line to be. Very good pin-point imaging and soundstaging for both cords. But it was for the HD's P4 I found the natural flow of all instruments and voicing across the whole frequency range to be a fully engaging experience. Everything is where it should be the way we all want to hear music and or movies(what we see on the screen).

The P4 does everything extremely well with a naturalness that no other power cord can do and at a very comfortable pricepoint. It totally dissappers in your system. Enough said.

I would suggest anyone looking at the new S.R Element series power cords to definitely try a HiDiamond P3 and or P4. You will see and decide for yourself the positive differences and natural/lifelike qualities the HD lets through your music/movies. You will just forget about your cords and speakers and just close your eyes and listen with a smile.
Well there you have it. Try both Hi-Diamond and Synergistic Research
Element power cables in YOUR system and YOU decide. Both companies
offer cables at the same price points so whatever you choose will be the
best for you. I agree with Bacardi, ENJOY and have fun. and I will add, I
enjoy my system immensely every day!!! ;-)

Case closed.
When I got the necessary SR Blue fuses fuses for my system and had a good listening I completely agree with the initial losting here as I said on StereoTimes. The SR Blues surpass their Blacks.  I also agree that they are directional although I have no idea what they are talking about with their left to right verbage.

I should also say that hearing them in one's system is all you need. We have no valid measures to assess their performance.