Synergistic Research Cable Risers?

  Recenty Synergistic  research  brought out some cable risers.

  The audio press said they made one of the biggest differences when taken out of the system, then re installed back in. Does anyone have first hand experience with these ?

  That being said, they seem like quite a bit of money for what you get, however if they  work at improving the sound it would be worth it. I do use Synergistic products  which have made a definite improvement in sound but am quite skeptical on this product.
I was shocked at the difference obtained when I raised my speaker wire off the floor.  I completely expected NOT to hear any difference and that's what caught me most off-guard.  With this said, I don't think you need to use an expensive SR product to do this.  I ended up cutting into sections the thin, inner wooden cradles in a couple of empty Bordeaux wine cases to prop my cables up - essentially free after the wine is consumed.  I'm not a SR hater at all and in fact use their fuses and HFTs in my setup/room with much success.

Been trying the risers for about a week, got them on the free orange fuse promo.  In my system they did not work well, seemed to take away dynamics and reduced the organic nature of the sound.  Then moved them under power cables and much better.  Will attempt to try under speaker cables again and  completely out of play before deciding on sending them back.  They definitely impact the sound, certainly worth a try.

For the naysayers here, we get it, you don’t need to keep repeating your skepticism ad infinitum, very tiresome.....

Ego gets in the way of learning, of course ! Get rid of the red synergistic carpet Charlie....
Of course I run a meter of Audioquest with low mass gas tight connection and 128 v to keep the Dialectric fully formed 24/7. In the air 24/7.

maybe  you should read more of my posts, retire and catch up - there is a whole world outside of your limited experience