Synergistic Research B&W spec series

Does anyone have any experience with SR older B&W spec series (specifically the 8 and 7) and B&W 802Ns I see there is a few used sets around but no information. Thanks for any feedback!
I've got a users manual incl. spec's for the B&W 802-S3 in soft copy if you need it.
Thank you for your kind offer superkrell but I was inquiring about the B&W SPECific series speaker cables, so I don't need the manual but thanks for the offer.
Yes I am currently using these speaker cables but not on these speakers

I am currently using this between my krell power and wilson watt puppy and i can say it is still a fantastic combination,fast but not bright at at all there is something about this cables that seem to allow the music and details to come out without being harsh. I would say it is almost a good mix of copper and silver elements combine.
I see no one has answered this. I would like the same information with someone who has used them with B&W speakers.

Also, what is the difference in sound with and without the active shielding activated?
I've been using SR speakers cables with a set of B&W 801 S3 speakers for at least 2yrs I'm very pleased with the results...
I am using a pair of six feet SR B&W Spec Eight Biwire between my B&W 802D and McIntosh MC501 monoblocks. Quite happy with the combination, very clear high, smooth mid and tight bass. But you've got to have the MPC on to achieve a blacker background and a live and natural timber.
I am using an 8 ft pair of spec 7's with my 802N's and am really pleased with them. Great clarity and they take a bit of the brightness out of the presentation. Need to use the MPC.