Synergistic Research Atmosphere Power Cords.

For those who have been following the SR Red and Black fuse thread in the Amp & Preamp forum, it goes without saying that I loved the way they transitioned my audio system. What I thought was a highly resolving system has been transformed into a system that has been improved in every way ... drastically.  For many of us, me included, our music collection and the playback system is a labor of love. I've been working on mine for over 40 years now.  


After I got into the SR fuses, I started watching SR's youtube video demos. In watching the videos and reading  their literature, I discovered that their new power cords used the same technology as their fuses. That got me to thinking ... if a one and a quarter inch fuse could make such an improvement in the system, what could a five-foot power cord do? I decided to find out.


Four of the new Synergistic Atmosphere Series level 3 AC cords arrived at the house.


When they arrived, I unpacked them right away and was totally impressed with the build quality and materials used. More beautiful than the pictures depict. A shame no one is going to see them because they are behind my equipment rack out of sight. But it sure is an indication of the builder/designer's pride of workmanship.  My first thought was ... Wow, if they sound half as good as they look, they should be great. With most things in this hobby, I've acquired a wait and see attitude.


I removed my old PCs and installed the SR's right away (of course). They were replacing two different brands of custom PCs.  I had found through the years that this combination of PCs to beat anything else I tried, especially in terms of musicality and digging down into the organic sound of real instruments.  Two were built by the Music Advancement Company (MAC) in Oregon. The other two were custom built by David Magnan, a very respectable cable builder and a fine gentleman. Those who know Dave's cables know what I mean. Throughout the years, I've had the privilege of using most of Magnan's work from his speaker cables, ICs and PC's. They are exceptional. So, this gives you an idea of what I'm comparing these new SR cables to.


After installation, I warmed the system up, adjusted the bias on the amp and sat down for an initial evaluation.  What I heard right off the bat was an overall improvement in the areas we really like ... bigger , wider, deeper soundstage. More transparency. Far less grain .. in what I thought was a grain-less system. I thought the SR fuses had finally bought me to a grain free audio Utopia. Ha ... silly me. That's the good part.


Now, for the rub: The SR PC's, right out of the box, were doing exactly what the SR Black fuses did and that was to introduce a hard edge, especially on strings. There was an overall degradation in musicality and emotional connection to the music as a result. The reason? The PCs , like the fuses, need at least 100 hours of break-in before they really come to life. Like the fuses, I could hear the promise of these PCs right off, but man, new out of the box, again like the fuses, things  just weren't "right."  It reminded me of when I first fired up the new ARC REF-75se. It took 500 hours for the caps in that amp to finally come around full tilt.


So, as these new SR PCs break in, I'm going to chronicle the experience in this thread all the way from new to tatal break-in. From what I've heard so far, they offer great promise, trouncing my old PCs in so many ways. Now let's see what they can do musically as they break in.


Stay tuned ...

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Just recently got 2 SR Black fuses and using them in my power and pre-amp. As I changed these out from the SR Reds which had a WA Quantum dot on them I transferred the Quantum dot over to the Blacks.
From what I've read recently it looks like I should be removing the Quantum dots as they interfere with the Black fuse operation.
I'll do that later today and re-try my fuses.
I've two more on order, for my CD player and a/v processor.
Oops  .......   I've also posted in the wrong thread, my earlier comments where to go into the SR Red / Black fuse thread.
I removed the WA Quantum fuse chips from the Black fuses and yes indeed it did make the sound 'cleaner'.
Still waiting on my two Black fuses which are on order but the dealer is waiting on new stock arriving.