Synergistic Research Atmosphere Level One Interconnects and Speaker Cables

I wanted to write this review to express my pleasure with these cables. As some of you know from other threads, I have been extrememly pleased with my UEF black cables and UEF black fuses in my system.  I have since outfitted  the system with a full loom of synergistic cable, comprising of level one atmosphere signal cables and UEF black power cables.

Like I've said in other reviews, $5k a piece cable is out of my budget, but I have come to realize in the last few years, that you do indeed get what you pay for. Now at this price point, while expensive to some, yet pennies to others on this forum, represent an incredible value for what they do in transforming your system. I've had upper echelon morrow cables, which I thought were the bees knees, and still are EXCELLENT cables, but are bested by the level one atmosphere.  

I now do believe however, for the first time as an audiophile, I am hearing what synergy sounds like. Some of us my have great results with a mix of different cable brands, and if you do, then that's great for you- enjoy! But I do realize that there is a certain tangible benefit to running a full loom of one particular manufacturer, as you don't have to haphazardly put together a system and  hope that all the different "house sounds" come together to form a satisfying presentation. 

Once you you achieve this full loom with a continuous house sound , there is a certain ease to the music that you didn't realize may have been missing before. Now that there is only one chef in the kitchen, and if your system doesn't need some sort of tune and is fairly revealing and transparent, the reward can be ear opening. It's something that you have to experience to fully grasp. 

The the level one atmosphere are very fine performers indeed, and provide a very convincing portrayal of space and timbre. Be aware however, that these cables seem to take a VERY long time to sound their best.  If I had anything "bad" to say about them, I would say that they sound a little light on my Maggie's, but then again, they replaced a set of biwire mogami which are rich sounding be my accounts. If I had to make an analogy, the mogami is a rich chocolate Hershey's ice cream, rich and sweet. The SR is finer crafted gelato with lighter,  more complex flavors and tones. Once the cables come around, you may be  amazed at what your current equipment is capable of. You may get of the upgrade path for a little while...

Are there better cables out there? Yeah. Level 2, 3 and 4 I'd assume....but for the price of these, I think they offer some serious competition to other manufacturers.  Of course, YMMV.