Synergistic Research Atmosphere - Infinity or Mini X4?

Who here is using the newer SR Atmosphere modules like the Atmosphere Infinity or Mini X4?

What is the size of your room? If using the Mini X4, do you also use satellites?

I am considering one of them and am reluctant to spend the money on the larger Infinity, hoping I can get away with a Mini X4. My Room is 18’wx22’d, with ceilings slanting from 8ft in front to 15’ in the back. Despite the size of my room, my listening area is not too large, with my speakers roughly 8.5’ apart and my listening distance at 9’ away. 

Im using a large suite of SR products, from all interconnects, an Active Ground Box SE, a PowerCell 12 SE, various HFTs and a SR Black Box. 

All thoughts and suggestions are welcome, thanks!

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I don't have those but have a lot of SR and have for over 20 years now. So I have a very high regard for Ted and his abilities. If someone here knows for sure then great. But you could also just give them a call.