Synergistic Research Atmoshpere UEF Level 3 XLR


The Cable Co. Is running a special on SYNERGISTICS Atmosphere UEF Level 3 as well as 4's interconnects.

I'm in the mood to change out my cables on my (2) JL Fathom F series Subs with older Kimber KS-1016.

A heads up from any of those who may have had some experiences, or heard the Atmospheres UEF'S.

Keep in mind my subs are selecting 50HZ down @ 18Db @ a crossover point.


What is the length of your Kimber KS-1016's?
I have heard the level 2 Atmosphere interconnects and was very impressed. I have not heard the level 3. The level 2 was so impressive I that I can only surmise that the level3 should be great.

Please note, however, that for best results the cable's wire shield should be grounded to a wall outlet.

Hi dbp,

My Kimbers are 3mL