Synergistic Research Alpha speaker cable?

Anyone know much about the Synergistic Research Alpha speaker cable? I am using them currently (they sell for $5/foot) and they sound OK. The guy at the local shop says they are much better than one would expect for the $, but then again, he is a dealer (ie more subjective than I would prefer). I was considering an upgrade (currently using a C-J PV10a preamp/C-J MF-2200 amp/Von Schweikert VR-2000 speakers, soon to be replaced with Soliloquy 5.3/6.3). Are these cables worth keeping, or could I benefit from an upgrade? I was thinking about spending around $350 for a set of 8-foot bi-wires, like the Oval 12 from Analysis Plus. I really don't have much of a demo avenue (I can always take advantage of AudioAdvisor's return policy on the Oval 12's) but before I go that far, I was hoping to get some opinions on where I should even bother. Thanks!
I don't know if the AP12's would be a meaningful upgrade (if at all) to your current cables. I had the 12's for awhile, they were OK for the $$.

You may wish to consider demoing cables via the cable company ( You pay shipping plus a small fee, which you don't lose (the fee money only)but can apply to a purchase down the road.

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Defininetly demo the Oval 12's before you commit. I currently am in my second week of demo with them with the Soliloquy 5.0's. They are very smooth cables with good bass; but they are somewhat dry, veiled and rather lifeless in my opinion. I enjoy listening to my system much less with them than with my slightly grimy, but much more live sounding old monster cable.