Synergistic Research active shielding question

These are in a bedroom system and the bright blue LEDs are, well, bright! I was unplugging the MPCs at night (at the power conditioner, not at the cable) but have read that the cables don't like to be disturbed, even plugging and unplugging the MPCs and for max performance, leave them plugged in 24/7.

So I took a bit of electrical tape and wrapped where the LED is.

Does anyone see any issues with this? Will it affect the active shielding or the sound any? I'm new to these cables so I don't know.

In the last day they seem to have lost a lot of bass... but then last night I was at an outdoor concert so everything still sounds strange like there is cotton in my ears lol. (yes I know... should have worn earplugs!)
Covering them with electrical tape works great and won't affect the sound. I love these cables and have had the same issue. The tape works great.
I've done the same thing with no problems whatsoever.
No prob... they also take six to twelve hours to regain their composure following being de-nergized.

after a day, unless they are brand new not run in cables, the bass will be better. If new, it's gonna be a while.
Anyone know where to get an extra MPC for low cost?
I have an active SR cord but no MPC to plug it into.
Did not mean to hijack this thread but seemed to be on the same subject.
There's one for sale here on AG but it's an older X2 model. Maybe check with the CableCo's used site.
be careful about that electrical tape. After awhile, a sticky black residue will be permanently glued to the cable (when tape is removed) which doesn't help on resale value. Try wrapping some dark colored paper etc, around the cable to cover the LED & fasten it with conventional Scotch tape.

It's preferrable to leave the bias energized full time.
You can also dab some nail polish or enamel paint on the LED, to block the light.
Gfroman- You might try contacting this seller: (, And see if he's still got one of the used MPCs that he mentioned. I've seen the MPCs on eBay, quite often.
Thanks guys.

I talked to Elliot at SR and he said that turning them off shouldn't be a problem but if I wanted to keep them plugged in all the time, electrical tape is fine.
Has anyone have heat issues on the SR cable near the LED with the MPC plug in?? My Precision Reference interconnect is heating up bad. I have measure at the MPC out-put, its actually have 34.4v, is this normal anyone?? But have no problem with my older designer reference at all...any help would be great..