Synergistic Research Active Sheilding Quandry

I'm wondering if many listeners have compared the Synergistic Research mini power couplers to the more advanced system now called the "Quattro" (but has gone through several incarnations)which powers the active shielding. If so what are your thoughts? Is there really much improvement? What is your opinion of Active Sheildng in general? You can view my system at:
Hi, i am look for an active shielding set for my VAIC Speaker!? Anyone who can help? Best regards, Silvan
I've been using a Quattro for 3 months now. At first, I used a basic shielded power cord and improvement over MPCs wasn't significant - maybe quieter background (not sure though).

Recently, I decided to upgrade my DES ref to ABS ref for my dedicated line filter which only feeds a CDP (using ABS ref). As a test, I put the new ABS ref on the Quattro and yes, the sound improved - more air, inner detail, and improved soundstage.

After a few tests in my system, I gained best improvement when using the new ABS ref on the line filter with the replaced DES ref on the Quattro. My experience therefore suggests that quality of Quattro power cord is definitely a factor but is of secondary importance in relation to your main components. I hope this makes sense!
i had a pair of designer refernece ic's... the mpc made a big difference (about 30%-40% improvement)
Thanks for your comments. I have used SR since I returned to high end and am a big fan. As a result of a very complex system, I have many MPCs (8 with two plug in leads per MPC? and could add more 4 more)and have developed a system for plugging them into my room. Anyway I've recently talked with SR and they claim their are great sonic advantages beyond the convenience of using the Quattro. I talked Paul at the Cable Company and am trying one out. Hopefully it will be broken in by the time I return from travel over the holidays. After I've listened to the system with the Quattro for a few days, I plan on switching to back to the MPC and see if there is a difference.
SR also claims that the power cable to the Quattro makes a huge differnce in the sonics and Elliot feels that using an Absolute Reference cable will bring about remarkable sonic improvements.
As for SR cables in general, I've used only the Kaliedescope I and II along with Res Ref. interconnects, Signature 10 speaker wire, Digital Corridor Reference, and the following power cords: AC Master Coupler Classic, AC Master Coupler Active, Reference, Res. Ref in my system. I've compared them to many other cables, but certainly didn't compare them to even a eighth of the cables available on the market and can only state that in my system they have made an amazing change that I like. That being said, the MPC for Active Sheilding make a profound difference for the better in the sound of their cables.
Finally, one seems to get a good bang for the buck compared to the many astrnomically priced cables that are considered SOTA today.
Reb1208, That is a good point about the dual mono effect when using 1 MPC per wire. Since my system is very complex, many of my MPCs have 2-3 wires coming out of them. At this point, I would need at least 15 MPCs to connect up my system. But you bring a good point, SR claims you can have 3 leads per MPC but I don't know if that is optimum.
Sns, that is an interesting point you raised about using a power conditioner with the MPC/Active Sheilding and a question I've considered as well. I believe the Quattro is supposed to be doing some filtering.
One other point, SR claims that several manufacturers are going to start using Active Sheilding wireing in their speaker systems and electronics. One was Meadowlark, but they are out of business I understand. Elliot tells me that there are several products available now or being designed with this technology soon.

Good listening,
I run Res Ref X2 speaker cables with one MPC per wire. Very much a noticeable change in sound. Dual mono power supplies is basically what it amounts to.
I was hoping someone else would answer this, but oh well. I can't answer your question directly, but in speaking with Steven at The Cable Company he seems to think that the quattro is more about convienience than a quality issue. Last time I spoke with him he had not yet gotten any feedback, perhaps this has something to do with his opinion. I suppose I've done a similar test in that I've connected the MPC's in my Resolution Ref. x2 through my power conditioner (BPT 3.5 Sig), I heard absolutely no difference.
The Synergistic line, Resolution Ref. on up, are all top line cables. Active sheilding is major on these cables, quieter, blacker background, more detail. I would say they compare very well with Purist Audio in this regard (I use both in my system). Unplug the active shielding and you can see these cables would be very average without.