Synergistic Research Active Sheilding Quandry

I'm wondering if many listeners have compared the Synergistic Research mini power couplers to the more advanced system now called the "Quattro" (but has gone through several incarnations)which powers the active shielding. If so what are your thoughts? Is there really much improvement? What is your opinion of Active Sheildng in general? You can view my system at:

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I was hoping someone else would answer this, but oh well. I can't answer your question directly, but in speaking with Steven at The Cable Company he seems to think that the quattro is more about convienience than a quality issue. Last time I spoke with him he had not yet gotten any feedback, perhaps this has something to do with his opinion. I suppose I've done a similar test in that I've connected the MPC's in my Resolution Ref. x2 through my power conditioner (BPT 3.5 Sig), I heard absolutely no difference.
The Synergistic line, Resolution Ref. on up, are all top line cables. Active sheilding is major on these cables, quieter, blacker background, more detail. I would say they compare very well with Purist Audio in this regard (I use both in my system). Unplug the active shielding and you can see these cables would be very average without.