Synergistic Research Acoustic vs Precision Refere?

I have been using Cardas Golden Reference speaker wire between JRDG 312 and Vienna Mahlers. Now considering a speaker wire change. . . perhaps to a Synergistic Research product like the Acoustic Reference or the Precision Reference. If you have had the opportunity of listening to these 2 SR wires, how would you characterize their sonic difference?

The rest of my system consists of Esoteric X-01 Limited + Purist Anniversary PC, JRDG Capri + Shunyata Anaconda Alpha Helix, Sky XLR ICs. I listen to 60% chamber music, 30% orchestra, 10% female vocalists and other genres.
Just for fun, why not try Greg Straley's Reality Cable speaker wire? Costs under $300, and has a money back guarantee.

It replaced $1900 Purist Audio Venustas in my system.

Don't let the low price influence you. You might be pleasantly surprised.
I cannot speak for the two that you are interestd in but I have been enjoying the Sr tesla's for about a year and they are the finest cables that I have ever heard.
Thank you Grant for the suggestion, I may look into Reality cables as well. Kenscollick, both Precision and Acoustic Ref are part of the new Tessla series. What Tessla models are yours? What wires did you compare them to, and how do they differ sonically?
I have the Apex inteconnect and Speaker cables they replaced SR Designers Rererence much more detail, tighter image, without any brightness or bloating, You can check out my system as well as a mini review by doing a search.
i have tried both the acoustic ref and pr in my system and have purchased pr and apex. SR cables , for me, are incredible. the top of the line apex is essentially a double ar-- the ar is warmer, rounder, more colored sound--the pr is just that, more precise, more delineated-i use pr from pre to amp and apex from amp to speaker as well as from phonostage to pre----but don't listen to any of us- listen to the cables in your system-call paul at the cable co and audition them and let your ears decide.
Thank you Slvrtravel, info very much appreciated. From your characterization, I suspect PR may in the end be more of my preference for speaker wires than AR. G.
Aside from Synergistic, why not have The Cable Company send you a pair of JPS Superconductor 3 for audition. I think you'll be very impressed.
Thank you Opus, JPS, Purist, AQ etc. . . are not being excluded, however, I would like to discuss very specifically AR vs PR on this particular thread. G
I second the choice for the Tesla cables - I tried A/R and P/R in my system and while that was indeed wonderful, I foolishly borrowed a pair of Apex for the source and was so astonished at the performance, I just had to figure out a way to get the Apex(at source) to go along with the Precision Ref - that combination literally transformed my system to be one of the very best I have ever heard!
I would try the SR Apex Tesla - you might as well, right? I did and it sounded the best between amp and speakers (bi-wired). Using PR from preamp to amp and Apex from Esoteric to preamp as suggested by SR and my dealer. The sound is pretty amazing - also using SR PC's. This line is truly "synergistic" - the more you use, the better the system sounds, at least in my case. Replaced all my more expensive Virtual Dynamics Genesis/Revelation cabling.

Good luck! RMAF next week!!
Thank you Fplanner, I'll see you next week at RMAF. . . I'll be the gent with a white cane invariably wandering about in search of the magically hiding SR suites. Tap me on the shoulder guys. . . don't be strangers! (grins!)
Synergistic Research is partnering with On A Higher Note at RMAF in the Long's Peak room on the Mezzanine level of the Denver Marriott Tech Center. I am looking forward to seeing you there and to catching up with all my fellow Teslaphiles : )

And now for a teaser- I have been OBSESSED these past months with a new invention to control room acoustics- real time analogue room correction, or Acoustic ART (Analogue Room Treatment). I can't wait to see peoples reactions at the show and to read the fall out on the net during and after RMAF- it's going go be fun.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III Lead Designer Synergistic Research
Thank you so much Ted, I am very much looking forward to meeting you in the Long's Peak room and listening to the SR wires and to the ART. Will you bring along also PR and AR wires for us audio huligans to contrast with the featured Apexes? Thanks, Guido
See you there- regarding side by side comparisons between different Tesla models, we will not be doing this and it would not help you very much. You really need to hear how your system and the cables interact to know which Tesla cables best match your system. Think of it as a chemistry experiment with your systems components, speakers, and room acoustics all representing different chemicals in the mix- then throw in cables and POW, well you get the idea.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III Lead Designer Synergistic Research