Synergistic Research Acoustic ART- any comments?

I am looking for first hand experience regarding these new room treatments. BTW my system is cabled 100% with active Tesla cables- power cords, IC's and SC's. My system sounds effortless, extended, and holographic. If the ART system can expand on this that would be great.

Has anyone had experience with these new devices or with the Acoustic Resonators from Acoustic Sound?
Norm Luttbeg did a review on Dagogo.
. you have a url for that article...?


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I should say that I am Norm.
I heard the ART while visiting Synergistic. You can read about my experience here(towards the bottom of the page, paragraph title is WTF?!). In addition, my wife, a non-audiophile, easily heard the difference with ART in vs. out. One of my customers, and engineer who hates, hates tweaks openly admits that the ART works, and it pisses him off because he can't explain why.

Disclosure: I am a Synergistic Research dealer.
Thewebgeek, I would not say that it "pisses me off" that I cannot understand how the ARTs work, but I do suspect that it is almost entirely atheoretical. There had to have been many prototypes and much trial and error.

The same thing applies relative to quartz, such as several of the Acoustic Revive pieces. Why do they work so well some places, not at all in others, and really harm the sound in yet others?

What I heard at the RMAF became my benchmark. It took me a long time to get this result in my own listening room, including moving my source equipment from a side wall at the first reflection point and getting other room treatments out of the room.
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Norm Luttbeg did a review on Dagogo<<

One of the best reasons to ignore Dagogo IMO.
And well you should.
It must have been deleted because I cant find it.
Don't think it's out yet, wait for the mid month update. which should be anytime after 15th Dec
Thanks, Hotbird, I talked about this prematurely.
>>It must have been deleted<<

It's just a matter of giving the people what they want.

I am in error about my review in Dagogo. My previous submission appeared shortly afterwards. This will probably be in January.

I will merely say here, that I heard the SR ARTs demonstrated at the RMAF and bought them on the spot. It did take some time for me to get the performance improvement in my home that I heard at the RMAF.
Thanks for the feedback. When it was all said and done, would you recommend I try Acoustic ART in my system? I have read some extraordinary accounts from people who heard the demo at RMAF, and while I would like to "believe", it also seems too good to be true.

OTOH, cables seemed to good to be true (to me) just a few short years ago and now I have Tesla active cables (with blue LED's no less)

I would have thought the same thing had I noticed the ARTs when I went in with a friend. I thought during the initial presentation that the sound was quite good in this Luxman suite. Then Ted Demming started his talk. He took all the ARTs down and the music stopped being so good. My exact expression was, "shit." Everyone clamored for him to put them back. Later he demonstrated the cables with and without the charging. Again one noticed but no clamoring.

He had mentioned a show special on the ARTs. Several of us approached him immediately. Yes, it is too hard to believe, but IMHO it is true. I told five guys from the Philadelphia Audio Society the next breakfast. They were doubting, but agreed it was easy to just go hear the demonstration. All but one bought on the spot.
I see the link on Dagogo's web site for the Acosutic ART review but nothing else- perhaps Dagogo's web master needs to fix the link to your review?

Anyway I have a set on order and should be listening to it in my system this weekend. I'll report back.
Shellie the link is now up. Remember that I had to tweak my system to get the best results, including removing my source equipment from the first reflection point.
I just read the review- very interesting if brief. Would you say the benefits of the Acoustic ART System are worth the price of admission? In other words, could the same money be spent elsewhere in a system and yield the same results for less money? These days I am looking for the biggest bang for my audio buck.
Shellie, it is a lot of money certainly. I have no experience with digital room correction but that is a lot of money also. The Holographics, RoomLens, RPG diffusors and absorbers all work somewhat, but they are not cheap either. I guess I must say I know no way to achieve what the SR ARTs do for less. Actually, I know of no other way to achieve what they do. It does take some effort to get the maximum impact, however.