Synergistic Research Accelerator

Are they very controlled in bass?
Do they emphasize/swell the bass or are they neutral and well controlled?
I only have experience with the ICs, very tight and controlled bass.
I heard the new Active Element series ,even the Copper model
Sound s better thantheflagship of only two years ago, and has tuning bullets to change the character of the cable if you choose to .
Tuning bullets
Interconnect cells
Quantum tunneling

You can't make this up folks.

Caveat emptor
I am currently evaluating the Tungsten vs my Accelerators both through Galileo speaker cells and I cannot hear a difference! I assume the speaker cells is where the money is.
I stand corrected. Maybe a little break in or warm up is at play. (Although Cable Co "cooks" their cables first). When I first connected the Elements I did not perceive any improvement. Yesterday I tried to go back to my Accelerators and there was significant difference for the worse. The Tungstens with the black bulletts deliver a richer sound a little deeper soundstage more tonal accuracy. The funny thing is it was so obvious that my SO who thinks a $250 Sony "system" is all she needs said the new cables are much better. Now I am waiting for the ICs.
I can tell you that Synergistic Research is one of the best in research
And their new products are getting better and better per value.
After the CES in Jan they have a true high value cable coming out
For people who cannot afford the new Element series. I love the active shielding it makes a Big difference in keeping the performance locked on
Also the tuning bullets give you 3 different sonic perspectives from the speaker end as well as the source,tht is true tunability.
If you have not tried it in your system then don't knock
What you have no first hand knowledge of .The cable Co.
Let's you try them in our system before you purchase ,that is more than fair IMO.