Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler w/ Digital

I am currently using a Synergistic Research AC Master Coupler power cord on my Levinson 27.5, and it does wonders. Has anyone tried this cord on a transport?

I am looking to replace the stock power cord on my Theta Basic Data II transport, and wanted to know if this was a good option.

I have Levinson and Thiel equipment.

I use one (AC Master Coupler) on my Adcom GCD 750 and like it alot.
I use one on my Meridian 200 transport - big difference in clarity and soundstage.
You'll notice a huge difference. Just remember: this cable isn't very flexible. It was fun, but I think that the Audience, which is more $, is a nicer sounding cable: smoother and good frequency extension on both ends.
I have them on both my amps [Levinson+Forte]and cd transport+processor....which are proceeds. I think they would help a toaster work better.