Synergistic Research Absolute Ref vs Elrod

Hey Guys,

anybody compare these to power cords yet? I currently have Elrod Sig 2 & 3's but I'm considering the Synergistic Absolute Ref. I just recently change all of my other cables to Synergistic.
Amps are ML 436's, processor is ML No.40, source is Ayre D-1x.

isn't anybody going to comment? I'm interested also.
I'm interested also.
How about a cable comparison of something w. Synergistic & that same something w. Elrod. Maybe if we link a few reviews we can get an idea.
Since you obviously either liked or still like the Elrod sound, I would suggest talking to David E. and maybe trying his Statement pc. I have several and they are a HUGE improvement over the Signature series.