Synergistic Res. PC's, UpgradeI to X series?

Is there a noticeable improvement to any or all of the Synergistic power cables with the X series upgrade over the previous active or non active power cables? Your impressions would be greatly appreciated.

There is a substantial improvement in upgrading to the active, X-Series, power cords. I have upgraded or replaced the following (Master Coupler, Res Ref MK II, Des Ref Squared). In all cases, there is a lower noise floor, more transient information, and a wider and deeper soundstage.

If you have more than 2 cords, or ICs, which are active, the Master Control Center makes a big difference over the wall warts.

I believe, that there were not any active power cords, until the latest x-series.


As Tom said, it is a VAST improvement!
I did the active x upgrade--new pigtails and modules.Nice improvement. I have the older pc's and they are still stock.A year or 2 back it seemed like SR had fallen out of the hi tech cords game.So the active pc's must have put them back in the hunt. Good for them I love their stuff and service.
if you haven't yet had the pleasure - you would not believe the differences that changing the AC cord supplying power to the Master Control Center can achieve. Of course the DR2 remains the better (and most expensive) solution.
Hi there Bob b; I did upgrade from the Mstr coupler to the Mstr REF (one tiny step up)BIG inprovement.
I went with the new active, x-series verison of the master coupler on the MCC. I was really surprised at the difference.