Synergistic Ref vs. XLO signature XLR

Anybody compared these two lines of interconnects? ie. what synergistic does it take to beat the XLO signature (or vise versa), what systems were you using, and what differences did you hear?
Arcmania;I could ans. all your inquiries;but then I'd have to kill you.(joke)I do have the complete Syn.Ref.Active Sheilding +interconnects +dig.links+. I have taken this system to 2 of my friends houses.Kills what they have, and whatever I've had before I got this. Payed 'most full retail. Besides,if you read these pages often enough,you should know,all this is especially system dependent.I doubt anybody has ALL the same pieces you have./and haven't mentioned.By the way;had xlo 4 years ago. Their 3.1 phono/I still use.Signed: happy Syn.Research user.
Hi Avguygeorge. yes I understand how inportant the synergy of component and interconnect matching is, but usually the differences between tow different interconnects remains the same between one system and another, it just usually works better with one than the other. So I will take your experience with a grain of salt. Did you have the signature interconnects before you went to Synergistic? I have my ARC REF1, PH2, M300 Mk II's and Infinity Beta's all wired up with XLO signature at the moment.