Synergistic Red Fuse ...

I installed a SR RED Quantum fuse in my ARC REF-3 preamp a few days ago, replacing an older high end fuse. Uhh ... for a hundred bucks, this little baby is well worth the cost. There was an immediate improvement upon installation, but now that its broken in (yes, no kidding), its quite remarkable. A tightening of the focus, a more solid image, and most important of all for my tastes, a deeper appreciation for the organic sound of the instruments. Damn! ... cellos sound great! Much improved attack on pianos. More humanistic on vocals. Bowed bass goes down forever. Next move? .... I'm doing the entire system with these fuses. One at a time though just to gauge the improvement in each piece of equipment. The REF-75se comes next. I'll report the results as the progression takes place. Stay tuned ...

Any comments from anyone else who has tried these fuses?
Hi PTSS, there are actually 2 fuses in the Sony, both are Small (5x20mm), 3.15A, Slow-Blow types.  I only replaced one of these, after a discussion in this thread back in October with Brownsfan here:
Welcome to the discussion, butler. 

As you continue upgrading to the Black fuses, you'll get a similar improvement as you have already experienced. They'll be a nice improvement when you change out your one RED fuse for a Black one too. 

Thanks Frank, it's always a nice surprise when we discover things that we never knew were missing, especially if one loves music.....and of course the music should always be the end priority but with the recognition that even better illusions of real flesh and blood performers in our respective listening rooms can be realized.  

^^^ I hear you, butler.

Getting the most music out of our systems has been one of the topics of discussion in this thread. As you read through you'll find lots of music recommendations ... and what we've referred to as getting a more "organic" sound. The SR Black fuses really help in this regard. Most of those posting in this thread are music lovers first with the equipment/tweaks just allowing us to get closer to our music. Its what keeps me coming back to this thread actually. 

Hi Butler,
My introduction to upgrade fuses came via positive comments from fellow audiogon members Grannyring and Agear. I’ve had listening experiences with various components they both were impressed with and my impressions mirrored theirs. Four years ago I had a "what the heck" attitude and bought a SR 20 Quantum fuse from the Cable Company knowing they’d easily accept returns without any hassle.

That fuse stayed and I subsequently bought 3 more. I moved to the Red and eventually the Black fuses and the sound improved each step along the way. I’m glad your willingness to try the better fuses resulted in a sucessful outcome. I think it’s good to have negative posters contribute here for a sense of balance, so to speak. My belief is that sensible adults can simply decide for themselves as you have demonstrated (among many others).