Synergistic R Hologram D powercord

I play a Wadia 861Se with a Tesla T3 powercord.
Audinet Pre G2 also T3
Audionet Mono's T3UHC
Interconnects are Stealth Indra( Wadia-pre) - SR Ac. Ref. ( pre-mono's)
Speaker cable is SR Ac. Ref. with the Galileo speaker Cells.
All SR cables powered by the Galileo MPC.

I am thinking about an upgrade for the Wadia to the SR Hologram D.
Anyone can tell me if it's worth the extra money?
What can I expect in compare with the T3 ?
There is plenty of info here in the forums on how the Hologram D is a stellar AC cable and will outrun the T3.

With your gear it is a no brainer.

Get rid of the Stealth Indra and become a SR full breed.
I am in the process of upgrading my T3 to Halogram D as well. Now I am just waiting for cable company to ship me the cable. Now is a good time as cable company is having sale on all of their SR power cords in stock.
Before this, I tried Stealth Dream digital PC on my Playback Design MPS-5 against T3. The sound is a bit different but really nothing that I missed when I switched back to T3. While I am not impressed with Stealth PC, their IC is a different story though. Never heard the Indra but Sakra is something else. At least in my system, Sakra still improves upon SR Apex/IC cells but at more than twice the price. Unfortunately SR has nothing in between Apex/IC cells and its Galileo IC system.
Ok, thx a lot guys , I will read the forums ( I'm new here )
I let you know the experience with the upgrade.
Further info always welcome !
>>09-04-10: Glory
Get rid of the Stealth Indra and become a SR full breed<<

That's really a dumb statement and illustrates a complete lack of experience regarding cable/system synergy.

Wires are listener and system dependent. Period.

There is no universal better or best only what the owner prefers.

I usually do not get personal on this site, but I find your comments offensive and inappropriate. Glory did not say the SR were the best; he merely suggested that a full loom of SR might be superior, a legitimate suggestion.

I do not think there is any place here for personal insults. Disagreements, yes. Calling statements of opinion "dumb, no.

Thank you.

I do think in the 'Gon rules for forums they state not to degrade another member. AudioF does have a way of getting past this rule for some unknown reason.
If you go to the SR thread you will see the enthusiasm the members there have for SR products. In between these satisfied members praise for SR stuff you see pop up TVad and AudioF with their wise ass remarks about whatever.

DH's at best that never grew up and are killjoys.
As a matter of fact, I use Stealth Indras from DAC to pre and think they are terrific, and JPS Illuminata from pre to amp. After years of experimentation, I have found mixing and matching IC's and PC's to produce the best results IMS. The JPS are very well-balanced and seem to do everything right and nothing wrong. Indras, on the other hand, had to find their rightful place.

Just one man's experience.

My full breed statement was with humor and not to taken as AudioF thought.

The Apex might not be as good as the SI in your system but with the cells and all you might want to give it a shot and become a SR full breed =8^D Better?
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Come on TV you have been a smart ass on the SR thread. If the Gon gods allow I can copy your degrading remarks. You and Billy need to let it go sometimes.
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Wow, things are getting heavy. I was just looking for somebody who has experienced the Hologram D in combination with a Wadia.
Since we all know there is no "best cable in the world".
I don't need to be convinced about the quality of SR since I sold my previous NBS cables.
Few words although about the Stealth Indra. I have a love-hate relationship with that cable .This is in my opinion a Chameleon.
It's a very neutral interconnect that does't mask a thing. You hear the source straight uncovered( Wadia 861SE in my case). This Indra obligates you to upgrade the weakest links. SR cables can tweak the sound and that's not a bad thing at all since every room sounds different. Once found the right balance the Indra will blend in though needs a very, very long burn-in period.
One last thing , it makes no sense spending good money on exotic power cords if you don't change the cheap nickel stock fuses inside the components. I don't understand why manufacturers producing expensive highend components using cheap nickel fuses.... At the end of the day that's where all the current has to pass. But that's an other topic.
Over and out for me but here is some exapmles of you and Billy working your magic.

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03-10-10: Joeyboynj
BTW, over 100,500 views .... WOW!
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03-11-10: Audiofeil
>>03-10-10: Joeyboynj
BTW, over 100,500 views .... WOW!<<

And an even greater number of laughs.
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03-28-08: Ozzy
Recieved my Hologram D power cord today.
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03-28-08: Tvad
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03-29-08: Joeyboynj
Synergistic does burn in all my cables upon request for 4 days prior to shipping on their cable cooker. This is in addition to Quantum tunneling. I also let them burn in for a few days to settle in on the component.
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03-29-08: Tvad
Quantum tunnelng, plus burn-in. Yikes.
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03-29-08: Rhirsch
Hey Grant... what's with the Clark Johnsen wannabe schtick?
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03-29-08: Tvad

what's with the Clark Johnsen wannabe schtick?
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Who is Clark Johnsen?
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03-29-08: Leica_man

Who is Clark Johnsen?
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03-29-08: Tvad

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Thanks. Just read it. I didn't see any, no I am not a Clark Johnsen wanna-be.
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03-29-08: Sherod
Is this the same Clark Johnsen who posts regularly on the Water Cooler at Audio Asylum?
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03-31-08: Joeyboynj
The last few posts do not make sense, lets get back on topic here.

Tboooe had a question for Fplanner2000 that I'm also curious of the answer.

Ozzy, have you installed the Hologram D yet? Let us know.
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03-31-08: Rydenfan
I will be ordering a T3 today for my McCormack DNA-500 Amp. I have Tesla Accelerator Bi-Wire Speaker Cables. I am looking forward to seeing what the T3 will add. Any thoughts?
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03-31-08: Tvad

Any thoughts?
You will surely hear something different, and you will likely order more.

The crystal ball is now cloudy...
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"Over and out"?

Don't go away now, the fun is just getting started.

Gloria, nobody likes a quitter.