Synergistic R Hologram A or T3 on preamp ???

Hi, has anyone experience the difference between Hologram A or T3 on the pramp.
I have a Hologram D on the Wadia.

Hologram D is a no brainer for digital.....Ted says try on the pre an T3 or Holo A.....

help please
Joris, I compared the Hologram A versus the T2 on my preamp and preferred the T2. That certainly was not the case on my amp where I tried both the Power Reference and the T2. The Hologram A was clearly best.

I think the difference between the T2 and T3 is just gauge of wire. You don't need the heavy gauge on a preamp.

I should say that the Hologram A is a pain to use because of its bulk and stiffness.
I had a T2 on my pre amp and preferred the T3. The soundstage depth and width openned up more, especially in the surround effects for movies. Everything seemed to open up more. I did once try a Precision Reference and it sounded best, more detailed, but a little overkill for the money.

Regards Bacardi
Hologram A sounded better than the T-3 on my preamp - its a matter of matching with the other components and cabling in your system. Coming from Virtual Dynamics best cabling, the Hologram A is a piece of cake to use. Its all relative. Try both and see which you prefer.:-)
Thanks a lot for the reactions.
I've got the Hologram A from my dealer to try at home.
My first impression in compare with the T3 is a more "meaty" bass....and sounds more "foreward".
I don't know it's worth the extra money as I live in Belgium and the SR prices in Europe are almost double compared with the States.
I also tried the Hologram A on my Wadia 861SE to compare with the D . Same story , more right in the face fatter sound. Not as refined as the D.
Did anyone tried the Hologram A on a cd player ?
Greetz , Joris
The Hologram D is meant for digital and the Hologram A for analogue(amp).

Regards Bacardi
Final, I took them both....the Hologram D for the Wadia and the A for the pre.
i could't make a choice :-)
You could even try a Precision on your pre, might be more textured, detailed and precise than the Hologram A + more $$$ in your pocket for maybe a couple dual Galileo MPC's...JMO.

Regards Bacardi
I would predict that you will get the greatest improvement with the D.
I've tried the Hologram A and the T3 on my preamp and felt the "A" was to much and have used a T3 for the last 2 years. After this thread I tried a leftover Hologram D on the preamp for the last couple of days. Wow was I surprised allot bigger sound stage, more detail. I realize this a made for digital components. But on my system I think it will stay there.
I preferred the Hologram A on my Integrated Amp over the T3 and Precision AC.

That goes to show you, all cables are system dependent. Borrow them from your dealer and experiment in your own system. After many years of trying many cables I do prefer the Synergistic Research line of Tesla cables.

Joris, I'm happy that you decided on the Hologram A and D. Enjoy! Let us know how you like them in a few weeks.
I think once again that there are system differences that affect which pc is better.
The Hologram D an A are now installed and there are no words to discribe this upgrade, comming from T3. There is a magic synergy between those two Ac cables. A year ago I was complete into NBS ( Omega I) and since the change to SR my sound has taken an different level. Now with the Hologra D and A (and the Galileo speaker Cells) I have a complete new system without changing any component.
Last year I did also a lot fine-tuning : Furutech Fuses everywhere, Harmonix feet, room tuning and last but not least I fully battery powered my system , no more current that's coming out of the wallfor me!!! these things come beautiful together now with the Holograms.
I'm a happy man !