Synergistic Power Cell 12, SX, PS Audio P20

Ive just purchased a P20, but just saw a review on the Power Cell. They tried three different power conditioners. One use magnetics, but forget the brand. It ended up last in every test. The PS Audio came a close second in some tests, and not a distant second in others. 15 years ago when I was hot and heavy into high end equipment, there was much argument over cables, power conditioners, etc. I did try one fairly expensive power cable at the time, and I know I wasn’t doing a true close listen for an improvement, I certainly did not hear the vast improvements that seems should have been obvious from the reviews. Getting back into things again, I figure I’ll revisit this discussion. With the PS Audio I figure I at least get surge protection if nothing else. I did also purchase one of Synergistics top power cable to use with it. Having read the review on their power conditioner, I thought I’d ask if anyone here had experience with this product. If the difference is big, I may step up to their SE or  SX model, they claim the SX is noticeably better ( of course they would, lol) and uses much of the technology and in some cases better components then their sold out limited run Galileo ( and good thing that it is, now I won’t be tempted at 22k) also to alessor degre if anyone has experience with their active power block. Not sure I really want to have the birds nest of wiring that would add, and distance factors could be a possible issue with that. 
Then why sell them with anything except that cord. You would think they’d get too many people saying what you did and spreading the word and not even auditioning it. I found a dealer here that has the SX and I will head over there this afternoon and find out. The Galileo cord is an extra 2k, which is less than the difference between it and the atmosphere that it comes with. If he has that cord I’ll ask to hear it with that one also. Etched and shrill are most definitely not what I’m looking for. And I do believe the review I read did use the Galileo cord, so possibly the rep was correct. Though I’ve found what I hear vs reviews are not always the same thing. Just not enough time, or places to audition everything that I’d like to, and I hate feeling like I’m wasting people’s time if I end up not buying. I always go in ready to buy, or I wouldn’t even audition, but the results of what I hear end up dictating whether money leaves pocket or not. 
You are comparing apples to oranges. The PS Audio unit is a power regenerator. You are going to get  120 volts of current from it. The Synergistic Research unit will give you the same current that is powering it. I have the Synergistic Research UEF SE with the upgraded power cord and it definitely makes a positive improvement. I have a PS Audio Stellar conditioner on order, I am going to try for my front end components. I will plug it into the Synergistic Research  unit.
My goal is better sound. The fact that the PSA does more is not as relevant to me. Great to have the protection, but end goal is better sound. And I was wonder about plugging one into the other, and I would think plug the SR in to the PSA? 
It is recommended to connect the PowerCell to the wall outlet...raison d'être for the inclusion of a SR Duplex outlet with each PowerCell.

Just purchased one with the Galileo power cord, could for tell a difference. At the dealer I was listening on a McIntosh 352 ( I have one on order currently with them) on a pair of standmount Sonus Fabers, listening at much lower levels than I normally listen at. More like the volume I’d turn it down if I was trying to listen to what someone was saying. Did turn it up slightly at one point, and the difference was more noticeable, so I’d expect that would only increase as volume does.  Without the SR, I could hear an audible hiss in between the music. With it, it was not there. The highs and lows were a bit more defined. I’m not going to say the difference was night and day as most reviewers do, it was wasn’t in your face obvious, but it was there