Synergistic Power Cell 12, SX, PS Audio P20

Ive just purchased a P20, but just saw a review on the Power Cell. They tried three different power conditioners. One use magnetics, but forget the brand. It ended up last in every test. The PS Audio came a close second in some tests, and not a distant second in others. 15 years ago when I was hot and heavy into high end equipment, there was much argument over cables, power conditioners, etc. I did try one fairly expensive power cable at the time, and I know I wasn’t doing a true close listen for an improvement, I certainly did not hear the vast improvements that seems should have been obvious from the reviews. Getting back into things again, I figure I’ll revisit this discussion. With the PS Audio I figure I at least get surge protection if nothing else. I did also purchase one of Synergistics top power cable to use with it. Having read the review on their power conditioner, I thought I’d ask if anyone here had experience with this product. If the difference is big, I may step up to their SE or  SX model, they claim the SX is noticeably better ( of course they would, lol) and uses much of the technology and in some cases better components then their sold out limited run Galileo ( and good thing that it is, now I won’t be tempted at 22k) also to alessor degre if anyone has experience with their active power block. Not sure I really want to have the birds nest of wiring that would add, and distance factors could be a possible issue with that. 

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You are comparing apples to oranges. The PS Audio unit is a power regenerator. You are going to get  120 volts of current from it. The Synergistic Research unit will give you the same current that is powering it. I have the Synergistic Research UEF SE with the upgraded power cord and it definitely makes a positive improvement. I have a PS Audio Stellar conditioner on order, I am going to try for my front end components. I will plug it into the Synergistic Research  unit.