Synergistic Power Cell 10 se Mk 111 users

Can any of you describe the effect on their system using this unit and overall does it seem to be worth the $5500 tab? For instance does it in any way tame vocal sibilance ? I know that value is in the eye of the beholder but I really want some user feedback if possible.
Have not had the III, but had the Powercell SE mkII and sold it. I had to try it, and wanted one for years before I finally got it... The differences it made to my system sound were subtle and hard to describe, maybe providing a little more accuracy to the music, but not the reality I was seeking. Based on my experience having owned an SR Tesla power cord and the Powercell II, my curiosity with SR is done. I came away with the feeling that the products were overpriced and over-hyped; at least in my system. I'd recommend that you don't spend the retail $5500 for sure. YMMV

Overall, I'd have to say that power conditioning and power regenerating devices I've used have all been disappointing and I ended up moving on from each one of them.
I have used no conditioning, a PS Audio Regenerator, and the Synergistic Research Powercell Mark II in my horn based system. I found the Powercell to be a significant improvement over the other two approaches. I am listening to my system as I type this and the music is detailed, complex, relaxing, and emotionally fullfiling. I could't ask for more.

David Pritchard

I hear you, I finally got my hands on Powercell SE 10, no mk, just SE and what it provided was a liquid sound with great clarity, great soundstage BUT at lose in dynamics and that is a big thing to me.  Now, my only assumption is that maybe the power cell is uncovering the shortfalls in my system, well, that would be my interconnects which a different variety of radio shack and best buy brands.  I am going to upgrade to DH Labs Innerconnects and if this does not work, I don't think it will last, but I will give the powercell a fair chance.


Dynamics are .also quite important to me. Are you using an audio grade A/C wall outlet such as the Synergistic Research Teslaplex? I found this outlet to be good at providing dynamics. It is also good   that this outlet comes with a 30 trial.

Best wishes on your journey to enhanced audio enjoyment.

David Pritchard


it seems to me that you would use SR cabling/cords to compliment the Power Cell?

I use the Synergistic Research power cells in three systems. Unlike the PS Audio Regenerator, I do not experience a loss of dynamics. These are not current limiting devices.

I do find that Synergistic Research cables work very well with their power cells, but that Morrow, Audio Quest, Kimber, and Treasonic cables also worked well with the SR Power Cell.

David Pritchard

David Pritchard,

Ok, it's been about 5 months and what I found out is that my amplifiers do not like the powercell, so they are hooked up to a different power conditioner and the rest of my system is straight to the powercell. Dynamics are back in full swing but with black space and dimensionality the Power Cell is known for, it's been hooked up for 7 months now but JAFANT makes a point, my next move with be Synergistic UEF Core Level II RCA Connects for the entire system.